Canuck Rock Rocks Soundscapes

Last night we launched Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Music at Soundscapes Record Store on College St. Author Ryan Edwardson led a lively panel that consisted of Nicolas Jennings, documentary filmmaker and author of Before the Gold Rush and True North Records founder Bernie Finkelstein. The trio talked shop about what it means to be a Canadian musician and how that’s different from music in Canadian, how the Canadian content regulations shaped the face of the industry, what the Canadian music industry will look like in the future and more.

canuck rock launch soundscapes

Ryan asked each participant to name the most influential Canadian music act. This lead to some great debate with Bernie choosing the Guess Who, Nicholas choosing the Band, and Ryan himself selecting the Tragically Hip.

The crowd really got into it, wanting to know about which emerging acts best define the Canadian music landscape, questioning the relevancy of Much Music and more.

canuck rock launch soundscapes

Soundscapes was a great space for this event and a huge thanks goes out to Greg for being an ever-gracious host. No one at UTP could leave without picking up a new album or being introduced to a new act!

Canuck Rock is available through our online store for $27.95.


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