The New Intern


It’s Liz, the new marketing intern! I’m almost done my first week at University of Toronto Press and what a week it’s been! The people here at UTP are wonderful. They’re happy to teach me all about the filing system, give me fun marketing projects, take me to meetings to see how books get published, and they are all patient with my confusion about the streets of Toronto and my complete lack of sense of direction (I’m fairly pleased that I only got lost twice getting here in the mornings).

This has been a week of firsts for me: my first cubicle, my first book launch, and my first foray into filing (but not my last!).

We launched the Lincolnshire volumes of the Records of Early English Drama (great food!), Canuck Rock by Ryan Edwardson (so sad that I missed the buttertarts), and Jazz Age Barcelona by Robert Davidson (more great food! I see a theme here and I don’t mind one bit).

I’ve been told that this is not a normal week for UTP (there’s not usually so many book launches), and while it has been fun (and there’s still one more book launch to go!), I’m looking forward to next week so I can file some more and continue learning about marketing in the scholarly publishing world!


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