New Year, New Intern

The byline may say Elizabeth Glenn, but this is actually being written by Cailin, the new marketing intern. This is my second day, and I’m having a great time getting to know how things work here at UTP. I’m already becoming well-versed in the ancient and noble art of filing. ABCDEFGHIJKL… I always thought knowing that song might come in handy someday!

Pretty much everything is exciting news to me this week, but the rest of you may also be interested to know that Ronald Rudin’s Remembering and Forgetting in Acadie won the National Council on Public History’s 2010 Book Award!

Also, the Canadian Committee for the History of the Second World War and the Canadian Commission of Military History have recently announced that Paul Douglas Dickson won the 2008 C.P. Stacey Award for A Thoroughly Canadian General: A Biography of General H.D.G Crerar. Congratulations!

As for me, I’m hoping to get my nomination in for the inaugural Best New Intern Award before any other new interns arrive. Wish me luck!


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