Canadian Politics 101

This week, the forthcoming federal election has received as much attention as the fluctuating weather. With the Conservative Party being found in contempt of Parliament and the opposition parties’ lack of confidence in their budget, we can expect to find ourselves knee-deep in political warfare. But what are the issues beneath the rhetoric? To brush up on your Canadian politics, check out these UTP titles.

Conventional wisdom points to the personal rivalry between Jean Chretein and Paul Martin. But who really planted the seeds of disarray within the Liberal party? And can they reclaim their status as “Canada’s natural governing party”? Brooke Jeffrey’s Divided Loyalties outlines the party’s downward trajectory from a party insider’s perspective.

What does it mean to be in contempt of Parliament? What is a coalition government and will it work with Canada’s complex democratic structure? Who better to shed light on these historic developments than award-winning author and constitutional expert David E. Smith. With his books, The People’s House of Commons and Federalism and the Constitution of Canada, Smith provides insight into the elaborate procedures and complex historical documents that influence Canada’s constitutional politics.

In November 2008, the Conservative minority government faced a non-confidence motion that was dissolved. Following this, editors Peter H. Russell and Lorne Sossin gathered journalists, political scientists, and constitutional experts to analyze and discuss the nature of Canada’s democracy in Parliamentary Democracy in Crisis.

What did the Fathers of Canadian Confederation envision when they first began constructing their ideal Constitution? Canada’s Founding Debates, edited by Janet Ajzenstat, et al., provides these answers with excerpts from official reports and speeches that shaped our country and answered the question “What is Canadian?”.

See you at the polls!


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