The African Canadian Legal Odyssey

To celebrate Black History Month, we’d like to share with you an excerpt from Barrington Walker’s new edited collection The African Canadian Legal Odyssey: Historical Essays.

The African Canadian Legal Odyssey explores the history of African Canadians and the law from the era of slavery until the early twenty-first century. This collection demonstrates that the social history of Blacks in Canada has always been inextricably bound to questions of law, and that the role of the law in shaping Black life was often ambiguous and shifted over time.

Comprised of eleven engaging chapters, organized both thematically and chronologically, it includes a substantive introduction that provides a synthesis and overview of this complex history. This outstanding collection will appeal to both advanced specialists and undergraduate students and makes an important contribution to an emerging field of scholarly inquiry.

To learn more about how race and the law intersect throughout the twentieth century, check out this excerpt from the Introduction to The African Canadian Legal Odyssey.


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