Congress 2013 is a wrap!

The Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences has once again come and gone for University of Toronto Press. The 2013 Congress, hosted at the beautiful University of Victoria campus, was a successful Congress in more ways than one! With plenty of UTP authors presenting papers and talks, several events and launches, Congress also marks the beginnings of award season for UTP.

Many UTP authors and UTP books were featured during talks and presentations during Congress. Here are just some of the highlights.

The roundtable discussion about the book A History of Science in Society by Andrew Ede and Lesley B. Cormack, hosted by the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science.

From Biological Oceanography to The Fluid Envelope of our Planet and Beyond: A Session in Honour of Eric L. Mills, also hosted by the Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science.

A book launch for Patricia Cormack and James Cosgrave’s Desiring Canada.

A book launch for Shelley Pacholok’s Into the Fire.

In addition to featuring all of the titles we’ve released in the past year, the UTP booth was also offering fortune cookies again this year, with a special message from our Higher Education Division in honour of their fifth anniversary with University of Toronto Press.

University of Toronto wishes to congratulate the following, and all UTP authors, who have won awards for their books.

The Canadian Historical Association presented the John A. Macdonald Prize to William C. Wicken for The Colonization of Mi’kmaw Memory and History, 1794–1928. The Canadian Historical Association also awarded William C. Wicken and The Colonization of Mi’kmaw Memory and History, 1794-1928 the Clio Prize (Atlantic). The book was also a runner up for the Canadian Historical Association Aboriginal History Book Prize.

Reg Whitaker, Gregory S. Kealey, and Andrew Parnaby received an honourable mention for the Canadian Historical Association’s John A. Macdonald Prize, for their book Secret Service.

Comics versus Art by Bart Beaty won the Canadian Communication Association Gertrude J. Robinson Prize.

Jenn Stephenson was awarded the Canadian Association for Theatre Research Ann Saddlemyer Award for her book Performing Autobiography.

Mary Louise Adams was presented with the Women’s and Gender Studies et Recherches Féministes Outstanding Scholarship Prize for her book Artistic Impressions.

Bruce Curtis was awarded the Canadian Historical Association Political History Group Book Prize for his book Ruling By Schooling Quebec.

R. Blake Brown’s Arming and Disarming won the Canadian Law and Society Association Book Prize.

Katrina Srigley’s Breadwinning Daughters was awarded the Ontario Historical Society Alison Prentice Award in Women’s History.

Robert Sharpe’s The Lazier Murder won the Ontario Historical Association Fred Landon Award.

The Osgoode Law Society Peter Oliver Prize in Canadian Legal History was awarded to two articles, both featured in Barrington Walker’s edited collection The African Canadian Legal Odyssey: Susan McKelvey for ‘Creating the Myth of Raceless Justice in the Murder Trial of R. v. Richardson, Sandwich, 1903,’ and David Steeves for ‘Maniacal Murderer or Death Dealing Car: The Case of Daniel Perry Samson, 1933-1935.’

We hope you enjoyed Congress 2013 as much as we did!


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