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University of Toronto Press is pleased to announce that the Journal of Education Human Resources (JEHR), formerly known as the Journal of School Public Relations (JSPR), has joined UTP’s Journals publishing program. The Journal of Education Human Resources is a quarterly publication providing research, analysis, case studies, and field-based commentary on human resource issues in the education sector. Practitioners, policymakers, consultants, researchers, and faculty have relied on JSPR for cutting-edge ideas and current knowledge since 1975. As a “user-inspired” research-practice journal, published articles are a blend of empirical, scholarly, and field-based reflection addressing contemporary human resource and finance issues in education, spanning across the P-20 continuum. “For decades,” says Henry Tran (Editor of JEHR), “education has been plagued with talent management and staffing issues that have resulted in frequent public criticism and constant calls for reform. Most recently, declining interest in the education profession and massive educator strikes over pay and working condition issues across the United States and beyond have intensified the necessity to respond to these escalating problems.” Starting in 2020, what was formerly known as JSPR will evolve into the Journal of Education Human Resources to serve as a platform that will leverage the capacity of the collective academic and professional practitioner community to help solve some of the most pressing human resource problems in education. “H. Richard Milner at Vanderbilt University recently asked, ‘As teachers are working to meet the needs of their students, who is taking care of them?’ That is a great question,” says Tran. “Other important questions to ask are: How do we take care of them and the other important personnel that work in schools? That is, how do we support the people who support our students to succeed? “Published by The University of Toronto Press, the Journal of Education Human Resources will serve as a venue for us to think deeply about these issues and an outlet for robust discussions. As a result, this will advance our knowledge and practice in the field.” “We are delighted to welcome the Journal of Education Human Resources to the UTP Journals collection,” says Antonia Pop (Director, University of Toronto Press Journals). “JEHR is a vital resource in the field of human resource studies and will make a significant contribution to UTP’s long-standing tradition of scholarly publishing excellence. We look forward to working closely with JEHR authors and sharing this crucial research with current and future readers.” By September 2019, back issues of JEHR will be available online at To sign up to receive important news relating to the Journal of Education Human Resources visit

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