Isolation Reading for the Week of May 18

Every week we’re bringing you some great books chosen by our staff members for your work-from-home reading. This week, Jane Kelly, our Director of Sales and Marketing, has chosen Creating Healthy Organizations: Taking Action to Improve Employee Well-Being by Graham Lowe as her staff pick. Enjoy!


I recommend Graham Lowe’s new edition of Creating Healthy Organizations from our Rotman-UTP Publishing imprint. Filled with dozens of examples from organizations around the world, Graham Lowe presents research on why a vibrant workplace benefits all employees. Employee health is a lot more than just injury prevention: over the years it has evolved to encompass physical and mental health, well-being, and corporate culture. Lowe presents overwhelming evidence that links the quality of a work environment with reduced stress, overall physical and mental health, and business performance. The book includes practical guidelines and tools to create a healthy organization and a positive culture. Throughout Lowe presents the constant theme of inclusive leadership through communication and discussion. This can be achieved by exhibiting values-based behaviour, ensuring everyone has access to health resources, surveying your employees, and involving them in the planning and implementation process.

The current health emergency has affected almost everyone in the workforce. As we grapple with fear, uncertainty, and change, we need to also accept that the future workplace may not return to “normal” for a while. Organizations will need to promote and protect employee health and well-being and cultivate a corporate culture when everyone is working from home. Graham Lowe’s new book is a timely resource and can help managers cultivate this transition.


Interested in finding out more about Creating Healthy Organizations? Click here to read an excerpt from the book.

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