From the Editors: American Sociological Association 2020

This weekend, we were due to be in San Francisco, California, to attend the American Sociological Association Annual Meeting. Unfortunately, like many things this year, the meeting was cancelled, meaning we won’t get the chance to meet with everyone and showcase our latest books. Our acquisitions editors, Jodi Lewchuk, Carli Hansen, and Meg Patterson wanted to send a message to those who would have been in attendance at ASA and share how you can contact them to discuss potential projects. We hope to see everyone next year.


Jodi Lewchuk, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Anthropology, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and Urban Studies.

University of Toronto Press is thrilled to announce the establishment of a new series on our sociology list. Institutional Ethnography: Studies in the Social Organization of Knowledge is being helmed by series editor Eric Mykhalovskiy, professor in the Department of Sociology at York University. This series, the first of its kind, will curate projects to make a unique contribution to contemporary knowledge about how ruling relations are organized in our present day. The series has three objectives:

  1. To deepen knowledge of ruling relations through high-quality research that engages with institutional ethnography in a range of ways.
  2. To strengthen interdisciplinary dialogue about the relationship between institutional ethnography and related forms of research.
  3. To promote theoretical and methodological innovation in institutional ethnographic inquiry.

The first volume of the series, Simply Institutional Ethnography, will be published in spring 2021 and is authored by IE pioneers Dorothy Smith and Alison Griffith. UTP is accepting inquiries and proposals for manuscripts to be published in this IE series; please contact social sciences editor Jodi Lewchuk for more details.

You can reach out to Jodi at


Carli Hansen, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Anthropology, Sociology, and Related Disciplines.

For undergraduate and graduate classrooms, University of Toronto Press is actively seeking proposals for sociology books that focus on contemporary social problems, social inequality, and social justice in everyday life. We are particularly interested in books that use creative and visual methods to explore sociological questions in an accessible and engaging way. Our goal is to prompt students to think critically about pressing social issues and prepare them to face these issues both inside and outside the academy. Please contact sociology editor Carli Hansen for more details.

You can reach out to Carli at


Meg Patterson, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Health, Medicine, Social Work, and Education.

This year on our Education list, UTP was pleased to publish Black Racialization and Resistance at an Elite University, by rosalind hampton, an account of the ways in which racism is built into the structures and systems of colleges and universities across North America. The book aims to correct the erasure of Black lives and work from institutional histories and spaces, and to highlight the ways in which these spaces assume a culture of whiteness.

Meg Patterson looks over our offerings specifically looking at education, as well as health and medicine.

You can reach out to Meg at
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