Throwback Thursday: Some Nature Reads from Our Heritage Series

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Welcome back to another Throwback Thursday! This week’s roundup contains books in our Heritage series that are focused on nature and geography.

A Naturalist’s Guide to Ontario

Edited by William W. Judd and J. Murray Speirs

Published in 1964

Ontario is a vast territory, stretching from west of the Great Lakes to the St. Lawrence, and from Hudson Bay to the southernmost tip of Lake Erie. Along with maps and general descriptions of the diverse flora, fauna, and geology of Ontario, this book contains over forty regional guides, that list, concisely and accurately, up-to-date information on how best to reach the regions that are of interest to the naturalist. 

Wild Things: Nature, Culture, and Tourism in Ontario, 1790-1914

By Patricia Jasen

Published in 1995

Europeans in the nineteenth century were fascinated with the wild and the primitive. So compelling was the craving for a first-hand experience of wilderness that it provided a lasting foundation for tourism as a consumer industry. In this book, Patricia Jasen shows how the region now known as Ontario held special appeal for tourists seeking to indulge a passion for wild country or act out their fantasies of primitive life.

Freshwater Saga: Memoirs of a Lifetime of Wilderness Canoeing

By Eric W. Morse

Published in 1987

At an Ottawa dinner party in 1951, a group of three Canadians and three foreign diplomats planned a canoe trip on the Gatineau River. It was the first of many trips by a group dubbed by the Ottawa press as the Voyageurs, whose most enthusiastic member was Eric Morse. Morse loved canoeing. This memoir is a celebration of his ruling passion and the friends who shared it with him.

A Nature Guide to Ontario 

Edited by Winifred Wake

Published in 1997

From Hudson Bay to Pelee Island, from Rainy River to the Quebec border, Ontario offers a rich variety of experiences for nature-lovers of all ages and interests. A Nature Guide to Ontario showcases more than six hundred of the best sites for viewing the many forms of plant and animal life found across the province. This volume is a project of the Federation of Ontario Naturalists.

Richard Jefferies: A Critical Study

By William J. Keith

Published in 1965

Richard Jefferies was highly regarded for his essays on nature and the English countryside, studies of rural conditions, and regional novels; his work mirrors the rapid change taking place in late nineteenth agriculture and is of interest today to social historians and economists. This book begins with a brief biological account, and then proceeds to a discussion of individual works.



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