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Back to school is just around the corner and UTP is having a sale! From August 28th to September 7th, save 40% off a wide selection of education titles with the code B2S23. Check out our featured titles below:

Supervising Conflict: A Guide for Faculty

By Heather McGhee Peggs

Cultivating respectful and productive academic relationships is a priority within higher education. What can faculty do when conflict disrupts research progress and strains the supervisor/student relationship? Supervising Conflict offers practical advice and tools to help faculty identify and actively respond to the most common grad school concerns – the “everyday” conflicts.

An Intense Calling: How Ethics Is Essential to Education

By Jesse Bazzul

Positing that education is a movement from one way of being to another, more desirable one, An Intense Calling argues that ethics should be the prime focus for the field of education. The book locates ethics, education, and justice in human subjectivity and describes education as a necessary practice for ethical reflexivity, change, and becoming (ethically) different. It also situates ethics as something that exceeds subjectivity, thereby engaging ethics as a material phenomenon through topics such as aesthetics and solidarity with non-humans.

Performing Postracialism: Reflections on Antiblackness, Nation, and Education through Contemporary Blackface in Canada

By Philip S.S. Howard

Blackface – instances in which non-Black persons temporarily darken their skin with make-up to impersonate Black people, usually for fun, and frequently in educational contexts – constitutes a postracialist pedagogy that propagates antiblack logics. In Performing Postracialism, Philip S.S. Howard examines instances of contemporary blackface in Canada and argues that it is more than a simple matter of racial (mis)representation. 

Cultivating Kindness: An Educator’s Guide

By John-Tyler Binfet

Cultivating Kindness sheds light on just how children and adolescents are kind, especially in school. Grounded in psychological and educational research on kindness and supported with illustrations capturing the voices of public school students, this book enhances our understanding of kindness.

Transverse Disciplines: Queer-Feminist, Anti-racist, and Decolonial Approaches to the University

Edited by Simone Pfleger and Carrie Smith

For at least a decade, university foreign language programs have been in decline throughout the English-speaking world. As programs close or are merged into large multi-language departments, disciplines such as German studies find themselves struggling to survive. Transverse Disciplines offers an overview of the current research on the humanities and the academy at large and proposes creative and courageous ideas for the university of the future. 

Shakespeare’s Guide to Hope, Life, and Learning

By Lisa Dickson, Shannon Murray, and Jessica Riddell

“What is the most wonderful thing about teaching this play in our classrooms?” Using this question as a starting point, Shakespeare’s Guide to Hope, Life, and Learning presents a conversation between four of Shakespeare’s most popular plays and our modern experience, and between teachers and learners.

The Craft of University Teaching

By Peter Lindsay

What does university teaching – as a craft – look like? What changes does a craft perspective suggest for higher education? The Craft of University Teaching addresses these questions in both a general sense – What does the act of teaching become when treated as a craft? What changes to a professor’s educational philosophy does it require? – and with respect to the practical, everyday tasks of university professors, such as the use and misuse of technology, the handling of academic dishonesty, the assignment of course reading, and the instilling of enthusiasm for learning.

Social Justice Pedagogies: Multidisciplinary Practices and Approaches

Edited by Katrina Sark

Social Justice Pedagogies provides a diverse and wide perspective into making education more robust and useful in light of global injustices and new challenges posed by new media and communication practices, media manipulation, right-wing populism, climate crisis, and intersectional discriminations. 

Conversations on Ethical Leadership: Lessons Learned from University Governance

Edited by Ingrid Leman Stefanovic

Highlighting ethical leadership strategies, Conversations on Ethical Leadership explores what makes for strong, well-informed, morally sound decision-making at all levels of an organization. In addressing a range of challenges faced by universities and applying those lessons to the broader community of the public and private sectors, Ingrid Leman Stefanovic and her contributors tackle a host of issues related to advancing ethics, diversity, inclusiveness, and the art of moral leadership.


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