University Press Week: Amplifying Voices at UTP

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Today’s post for #UPweek is themed around amplifying voices. Our Social Media Specialist, Kayla Kiteley, writes about how the University of Toronto Press contributes to magnifying the voices of our authors.  

Innovative strategies 

In the fast-paced world of academic publishing, the role of social media has become more crucial than ever. At UTP we are constantly working on our social media strategy and the ways in which we can contribute to the expansion of ideas and the amplification of our authors’ voices.  

The digital landscape is ever evolving, with new platforms and trends emerging regularly. From X (Twitter) to Instagram Reels, at UTP we explore innovative ways to present academic content in a format that resonates with diverse audiences. Changing how we design our graphics and video content, for example, has helped us increase engagement with our content. By embracing emerging trends, we not only amplify our reach but also break down barriers to accessing academic content.  

We employ data analytics tools to measure the impact of our social media campaigns, diving deep into engagement metrics, audience demographics, and content performance. By understanding what resonates with our audience, we adapt our content to maximize impact.  

Last year, UTP opened an Instagram Shop. This marked a significant leap in our ability to amplify voices, expand ideas, and support our authors. From visually captivating book covers to curated collections based on themes and genres, the shop is an immersive experience for our audience. By seamlessly integrating commerce with content, we enhance the visibility of our authors, fostering a direct connection between their work and a global audience eager to engage with groundbreaking ideas. 

Connecting authors with their audiences 

In academic publishing, social media has become a critical source for making sure authors – especially those who are at the start of their careers, those who identify as minority voices, and those who have a niche area of research – can showcase their work on a global scale. 

Through platforms like X, Facebook, and Instagram, we share snippets of reviews and thought-provoking quotes from articles written by our authors in order to entice readers to delve deeper into the wealth of knowledge that our university press publishes. Some of our authors are getting published for the first time and so we make it a goal to showcase all of our books in different ways across our various social media platforms.  

We also work closely with our authors on their social media presence. On our website, we have created an author’s guide to social media which gives them the necessary tools and guidelines to promote their work to their network and intended audience. We are always available for authors to turn to if they require assistance setting up a profile, designing a cover reveal reel or a publication countdown, and for any inquiries on what they should post to help the success of their book.  

As part of our marketing plans, we research organizations and influencers to tag on social platforms that we think would appreciate a particular title or that have been mentioned in the book. This ensures the books reach audiences beyond our own followers.  


Through careful curation, meaningful engagement, and a commitment to innovation, the work we do on social media contributes greatly to the amplification of voices and the expansion of ideas in the ever-changing world of academic publishing. We strive to create a digital ecosystem where knowledge thrives, conversations flourish, and the impact of academic work extends far beyond the confines of traditional publishing. 


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