UTP Staff Picks 2023

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It’s time for our 2023 Staff Picks! UTP has released a wide range of titles in 2023. Browse some of our Staff’s favourite releases here:

UTP Research Across Borders

Research across Borders: An Introduction to Interdisciplinary, Cross-Cultural Methodology

By Christina Clark-Kazak

“Whether it is scientists regretting the exclusion of social scientists and humanities scholars in the development of AI or the significance of Indigenous ways of knowing for advancing innovative technologies—the state and future of research is clearly about collaboration, impact, and community. The borders of research are ever-changing, and it is about time we equip ourselves to navigate this terrain. Research across Borders offers a great starting point for everyone, not just students, into the exciting possibilities of practicing interdisciplinary methods.”

– Rebecca Duce, Acquisitions Editor, Political Science

UTP From Consent to Coercion

From Consent to Coercion: The Continuing Assault on Labour, Fourth Edition

By Bryan Evans, Carlo Fanelli, Leo Panitch, and Donald Swartz

“This book is such an important contribution to the discussion of labour, highlighting increasing precarity and challenges workers experience in an era of rising neoliberalism and austerity. It’s a critical and inspiring book that I hope everyone reads.”

– Elizabeth Smith, Publisher’s Representative – Higher Education

UTP Burnt by Democracy

Burnt by Democracy: 

Youth, Inequality, and the Erosion of Civic Life

By Jacqueline Kennelly

“This important and timely book illuminates the ways in which youth understand and experience democracy. Built upon interviews with young activists and young people who have experienced homelessness, the book aims to help us find a system that can meet the needs of everyone. Well written and highly engaging, the stories within present the opportunity to think toward a more optimistic future where young people can continue to advocate for justice.”

Stephanie Mazza, Product Marketing Specialist

UTP Skating on Thin Ice

Skating on Thin Ice: Professional Hockey, Rape Culture, and Violence against Women

By Walter S. DeKeseredy, Stu Cowan, and Martin D. Schwartz

Foreword by Heather Mallick

Afterword by Jack Todd

“Sports can bring out the absolute best and the absolute worst in people. Skating on Thin Ice is a book that focuses on the latter, but only in the hopes of making the game of hockey better and safer and more inclusive for everyone. If you are interested in the safe sport movement, or if you just want to learn more about how the culture of toxic masculinity came to define and almost tear apart Canada’s national sport, this book is worth a read.

From a female perspective, I found the stories in this book difficult to digest but absolutely critical to my understanding of sport and gender and how things got to where they are now, in the wake of the Hockey Canada scandal. As Heather Mallick points out in her brilliant foreword:

Hockey was a visceral game in an era when girls were more likely to be raised to be polite, admiring, and avoidant of physical risk. So we admired the boys and men who played this great game on national TV, just as girls did until recently. Those same boys and men did not admire us, as this extraordinary book makes clear.

Heather Mallick

– Anna Del Col, Senior Marketing Manager

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