UTP’s Summer Reading List

Add these books published by UTP to your reading list this summer!

Toxic: A Tour of the Ecuadorian Amazon

By Amelia Fiske and Jonas Fischer

Drawing on extensive research and fieldwork, Toxic takes the reader on a visual toxic tour through the Amazon. Following the story of three fictional participants, this graphic novel paints a visceral picture of the waste pits, gas flares, and precarious lives of people in this region. The book challenges the reader to consider what it means to live in a place and historical moment where victims of industrial toxicants are continually required to prove that harm has occurred.

The Beaches: Creation of a Toronto Neighbourhood

By Richard White

The Beaches is one of Toronto’s best known and most admired neighbourhoods. Utilizing a wide range of archival records, including council minutes, plans of subdivision, newspapers, public land records, city directories, assessment rolls, and historical photographs – as well as the present-day landscape – The Beaches reveals the various forces, public and private, local and international, that shaped this cherished urban neighbourhood.

Sustainable Communities for a Healthy Planet

By Katharine Zywert

Sustainable Communities for a Healthy Planet presents an unconventional collection of ideas, practices, and ways of living together with the potential to enable long-term human and planetary health. Grounded in first-hand accounts from researchers, health practitioners, and social innovators across diverse fields, Katharine Zywert’s book argues that the most promising approaches often depart substantially from the incentive structures, goals, and mindsets that define the status quo and do not necessarily align with mainstream sustainability discourses.

Dream Car: Malcolm Bricklin’s Fantastic SV1 and the End of Industrial Modernity

By Dimitry Anastakis

Dream Car tells the story of entrepreneur Malcolm Bricklin’s fantastical 1970s-era Safety Vehicle-1 (SV1), audaciously launched during a tumultuous breakpoint in postwar history. The tale of the sexy-yet-safe SV1 reveals the influence of automobiles on ideas about the future, technology, entrepreneurship, risk, safety, showmanship, politics, sex, gender, business, and the state, as well as the history of the auto industry’s birth, decline, and rebirth.

Constructing Health: How the Built Environment Enhances Your Mind’s Health

By Tye Farrow

Globally renowned architect Tye Farrow bridges the gap in knowledge between the therapeutic medical world and the design community to reveal how the intentional shaping of our environment can support our physical and neurological well-being. Constructing Health explores recent discoveries in cognitive psychology (the science of the mind) and neuroscience (the science of the brain) to determine how we can form health-giving person-to-place relationships that are similar to healthy and meaningful person-to-person relationships.

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