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Canada at the Polls 2019: A New Mandate?

Authors of the forthcoming Absent Mandate discuss the upcoming Canadian federal election: what we can expect to see? Has anything really changed since elections back in 1965? And are Canadian electoral politics now following a new, or even unfamiliar, path?

What Students Deserve in a Textbook

What Students Deserve in a Textbook

Author Laura Tubelle de González discusses her new textbook Through the Lens of Cultural Anthropology, and her hopes for its use in the classroom. González discusses what inspired her, why she includes her own personal experiences, and how her strategic use of language and graphics will allow students to easily place themselves within the book.

Understanding What Works: New Book Explores Health Innovations from Around the World

In this post, the editors of Private Sector Entrepreneurship in Global Health discuss the Toronto Health Organization Performance Evaluation (T-HOPE), a group they co-founded back in 2007. They reflect on the outcomes of that group, and discuss why ongoing commitment to improvements in human health is as important now as it was 50 years ago.

Diagnosis: Truths and Tales Book Giveaway

Contest alert! Annemarie Goldstein Jutel’s new book, Diagnosis: Truths and Tales, has been getting a lot of buzz since its recent release, and we thought you’d want to see what it’s all about. Here’s how you can get your free copy!

Celebrating National Indigenous Peoples Day

Friday, June 21 is National Indigenous Peoples Day and we’re celebrating by offering an exclusive excerpt from John Borrows’s latest book, Law’s Indigenous Ethics.

Dragging Theory

Dragging Theory

As she gets ready to celebrate the launch of her new book, Viva MˑAˑC author Andrea Benoit talks Judith Butler, the art of drag – and looks back to that notorious VIVA GLAM ad featuring RuPaul.

UTP Goes to Congress 2019

UTP Goes to Congress 2019! Your guide to all the major events and launches that we will be attending.


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