It’ll Soon Be a Jungle Out There!

The Canadian Institute of Forestry has launched a tree planting drive with their program Forests without Borders recently that is looking to change the face of the earth. Partnering with several other groups such as World Clean Air Forest Initiative, CIF is offering tree planting kits with an extra little something; for every tree that is planted in Canada and registered online, an international partner will plant a sister tree in a country such as Ghana or Zambia. John Clement, a CIF member and professor at Sault College’s environment and outdoor studies department thinks the kit program is “tree-mendous…The goal is to grow clean air.”

Liz Driver is a Winner!

The Royal Winter Fair opened with a bang, Emeril style, for Liz Driver and University of Toronto Press as author… READ MORE

The New Intern

It’s Liz the new marketing intern! I’m almost done my first week at University of Toronto Press and what a week it’s been!

Canuck Rock Rocks Soundscapes

Last night we launched Canuck Rock: A History of Canadian Music. Author Ryan Edwardson led a lively panel that consisted of Nicolas Jennings, documentary filmmaker and author of Before the Gold Rush and True North Records founder Bernie Finkelstein.


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