Schiesari’s Beasts and Beauties

In a lot of ways, my cat and I are quite similar. Like him, I enjoy naps, appreciate a good meal and like being held from time to time – but only when it’s my idea. At the same time, I would hate to be a housecat, confined to the home and ignorant of the world outside. Certainly a product of my generation, if I were an animal, I’d be a tough one to domesticate.

Let’s Do the Time Warp Again?

While perusing the internet, I found this interesting article from CNN that reveals a group known as “Timewarpians;” people who dress up and adopt the manners and morals of past ages into their every day life. Some reflect that this is a reaction to modern day stresses and problems.

Production Intern at UTP!


This is Stephanie, the new production intern! It is the end of my second week here at University of Toronto Press and I’ve already learned so much about how things work at a scholarly press. The people at UTP have been extremely welcoming!

Launch of Latin Poets and Italian Gods

The Classics Lounge of the University of Toronto’s Lillian Massey Building was the site of a gathering worthy of the gods themselves last Friday evening. The launch of Elaine Fantham’s book Latin Poets and Italian Gods, based on her 2004 Robson lectures, inspired an enthusiastic turnout. Those who attended were well-rewarded by Fantham’s remarks that evening, as she eruditely shared colourful anecdotes about her distinguished career and the scholars she has worked with throughout the years.

P.K. Page Passes Away at the Age of 93

It is with great sadness that the Press learned yesterday, January 14th, of the passing of PK PAGE. In 2006 we were privileged to publish The Filled Pen: Selected Non-Fiction of P.K. Page, Edited by Zailig Pollock. A lively and humorous correspondent, PK had a great appreciation for the importance of scholarly research and was always willing to devote her time to speaking with editors and researchers.

New Year, New Intern

The byline may say Elizabeth Glenn, but this actually being written by Cailin, the new marketing intern. This is my second day, and I’m having a great time getting to know how things work here at UTP. I’m already becoming well-versed in the ancient and noble art of filing. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ… I always thought knowing that song might come in handy someday!

It’ll Soon Be a Jungle Out There!

The Canadian Institute of Forestry has launched a tree planting drive with their program Forests without Borders recently that is looking to change the face of the earth. Partnering with several other groups such as World Clean Air Forest Initiative, CIF is offering tree planting kits with an extra little something; for every tree that is planted in Canada and registered online, an international partner will plant a sister tree in a country such as Ghana or Zambia. John Clement, a CIF member and professor at Sault College’s environment and outdoor studies department thinks the kit program is “tree-mendous…The goal is to grow clean air.”

Liz Driver is a Winner!

The Royal Winter Fair opened with a bang, Emeril style, for Liz Driver and University of Toronto Press as author… READ MORE


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