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Missing the Target

Kyle B. Murray is the author of The Retail Value Proposition: Crafting Unique Experiences at Compelling Prices.

December 2014 at UTP

Here’s a round-up of some highlights for the month of December at UTP.

Behind the Book with Yanni Kotsonis

Yanni Kotsonis is the author of States of Obligation: Taxes and Citizenship in the Russian Empire and Early Soviet Republic. States of Obligation is the first sustained study of the Russian taxation system, the first to study its European and transatlantic context, and the first to expose the essential continuities between the fiscal practices of the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union.

November 2014 at UTP

Here’s a roundup of some highlights for the month of November at UTP.

October 2014 at UTP

Here’s a round-up of some UTP highlights for the month of October.

Behind the Book with Kathleen Gallagher

Kathleen Gallagher is the author of Why Theatre Matters: Urban Youth, Engagement, and a Pedagogy of the Real. In Why Theatre Matters, Kathleen Gallagher uses the drama classroom as a window into the daily challenges of marginalized youth in Toronto, Boston, Taipei, and Lucknow.

Behind the Book with Ummni Khan

Ummni Khan is the author of Vicarious Kinks: S/M in the Socio-Legal Imaginary. The first monograph by a new scholar working at the juncture of law and sexuality, Vicarious Kinks challenges the myth of law as an objective adjudicator of sexual truth.


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