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Behind the Book with Amy Ransom

Amy J. Ransom is the author of Hockey, PQ: Canada’s Game in Quebec’s Popular Culture. A wide-ranging study that examines everything from the blockbuster movie franchise Les Boys to the sovereigntist hip hop group Loco Locass, Hockey, PQ explores how Canada’s national sport has been used to signify a specific Québécois identity.

Behind the Book with Jennifer Drouin

Jennifer Drouin is the author of Shakespeare in Quebec: Nation, Gender, and Adaptation. In Shakespeare in Québec, Jennifer Drouin analyses representations of nation and gender in Shakespearean adaptations written in Québec since the Quiet Revolution.

April and May 2014 at UTP

It’s been a busy spring season at UTP. Here’s a round-up of some UTP highlights for the months of April and May.

Remembering D-Day, Seventy Years On

This year, historians and veterans around the world commemorate the seventieth anniversary of D-Day, the Allied invasion of Normandy and one of the climactic battles of the Second World War.

Behind the Book with Carla Rice

Becoming Women started as a 500-page award-winning PhD thesis and is now one of the most comprehensive qualitative research studies to date on body image and the embodied self, with close to 90 interviews of “women’s body histories.” The research from this work has already reached the public through the many talks Carla Rice has given in her quest to transform image culture and ease women’s body concerns. She’s made over 100 TV and media appearances and edited a groundbreaking feminist reader last year with important essays from influential writers like Bell Hooks, Jessica Valenti, and Gloria Steinem.

March 2014 at UTP

Here’s a round up of some UTP highlights for the month of March.

February 2014 at UTP

Here’s a round up of some UTP highlights for the month of February.

Facing Our Assumptions

Facing Eugenics: Reproduction, Sterilization, and the Politics of Choice, by Erika Dyck, is a social history o9781442612556f sexual sterilization operations in twentieth-century Canada.

January 2014 at UTP

Here’s a round up of some UTP highlights for the month of January.


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