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Behind the Book with Bruce Newman

Bruce Newman talks about his fantastic new UTP title: The Marketing Revolution in Politics: What Recent U.S. Presidential Campaigns Can Teach Us About Effective Marketing

Behind the Book with Bob Maunder and Jon Hunter

Bob Maunder and Jon Hunter, in their book Love, Fear, and Health: How Our Attachments to Others Shape Health and Health Care, discuss how attachment – the ways in which people seek security in their close relationships – can transform patient outcomes.

Why History Matters Today

Higher Education editor Natalie Fingerhut discusses why the study of history matters in 2016.

Behind the Book with Matthew Evenden

UTP author Matthew Evenden takes part in our Behind the Book Series where he provides an insight into the making of his most recent title: Allied Power: Mobilizing Hydro-electricity during Canada’s Second World War

Behind the Book with Greig Henderson

Henderson analyses how the rhetoric of storytelling often carries as much argumentative weight within a judgement as the logic of legal distinctions

Writing Archaeology

Author Robert J. Muckle highlights how much the world of archaeology has changed since the initial publication of his book in 2006.

UTP at the 2013 Frankfurt Book Fair

Last week, four UTP staff visited the Frankfurt Book Fair. Frankfurt has a long history as a destination for literary types, stretching back to the late fifteenth century, when local booksellers hosted a book fair which gave Gutenberg a chance to promote his new printing press.

The First Five of Many

By celebrating our first five years at UTP, the Higher Education Division honours the 112 years of publishing experience behind us at this press…


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