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  • Dispatches from ISA 2010

    The annual meeting of the International Studies Association took place February 17-20 in New Orleans, Louisiana. Representing a broad array of scholars from across the globe and reflecting a variety of disciplinary interests, ISA gave us the opportunity to connect with new scholars, spread the word about UTP, and, of course, to encounter friends and colleagues we too seldom see.

    It was encouraging to see that, despite the many (many) sensory delights of the city of New Orleans, attendees made a point to visit the exhibit hall and check out some of the new books UTP has to offer. Among these were Perceptions of Cuba: Canadian and American Policies in Comparative Perspective by Lana Wylie, Warming to the Cold War: Canada and the United States' Coalition of the Willing, from Hiroshima to Korea by Robert Teigrob, Latin American Politics: An Introduction by David Close, and Interrogating the New Economy: Restructuring Work in the 21st Century, edited by Norene J. Pupo and Mark P. Thomas, among many others.

    Many UTP authors presented papers at the conference, including Lou Pauly (Complex Sovereignty), Patrick James (Religion, Identity, and Global Governance - forthcoming in August 2010), Brian Bow (An Independent Foreign Policy for Canada?), Lana Wylie, Catherine Gegout (European Foreign and Security Policy), and Emmanuel Brunet-Jailly (Local Government in a Global World).

    The ISA was the perfect venue to promote our new series European Union Studies, edited by Jeffrey Kopstein and Amy Verdun, which was favourably received by those at the conference.

    Next year's ISA is set to take place in Montreal, Quebec, and it is to be hoped that the meeting is as fruitful for UTP as it was in 2010.

  • Schiesari's Beasts and Beauties

    In a lot of ways, my cat and I are quite similar. Like him, I enjoy naps, appreciate a good meal and like being held from time to time - but only when it's my idea. At the same time, I would hate to be a housecat, confined to the home and ignorant of the world outside. Certainly a product of my generation, if I were an animal, I'd be a tough one to domesticate.

    Schiesari's Beasts and Beauties: Animals, Gender, and Domestication in the Italian Renaissance looks at the relationship between domesticity and power in an era of Italian humanism that saw humanity as hierarchical, with elite European males at the apex while women, foreign males, and animals occupied lesser degrees of being. Ultimately, both pets and women were domesticated in this era, and Schiesari examines the ways in which notions of femininity, sexuality and animality were closely intertwined. Are they still?

    I'm happy to give you some food for thought today with this wonderful excerpt from Beasts and Beauties, just released by UTP last month.

    Et voila - an excerpt from Beasts and Beauties.

  • Let's Do the Time Warp Again?

    While perusing the internet, I found this interesting article from CNN that reveals a group known as "Timewarpians": people who dress up and adopt the manners and morals of past ages into their every day life. Some reflect that this is a reaction to modern day stresses and problems.

    While I can understand that we have our contemporary issues, there are just certain things that I could not do without (running water, television, the internet... how else would I have found this article?!). As a young independent woman in the 21st century, I got to thinking about times of old and how things might have been for women such as myself in different eras, because after all it wasn't always university degrees and office jobs!

    So, for your reading pleasure this week, here's an excerpt from Katrina Srigley's book, Breadwinning Daughters: Young Working Women in a Depression-Era City, 1929-1939, just released this month from University of Toronto Press.

    Here's an excerpt!

  • Production Intern at UTP!


    This is Stephanie, the new production intern! It is the end of my second week here at University of Toronto Press and I've already learned so much about how things work at a scholarly press. The people at UTP have been extremely welcoming!

    These first two weeks have been really exciting for me, learning about different jobs and responsibilities in the production department. Some of my tasks have included checking proofs and attending meetings where I have been able to learn about the scheduling and marketing of UTP books. I have also had the opportunity to see how things work in some of the other departments such as editorial and marketing. And of course I have become experienced in the wonderful world of filing!

    I am currently on my way to completing the Publishing Certificate at Ryerson University. While many classes have provided me with extensive knowledge about the publishing industry, my intern experience at UTP is allowing me to learn what it is like to apply these skills day to day.

    My internship is off to a great start and I can't wait to find out what the next few months have in store for me!

  • Launch of Latin Poets and Italian Gods

    The Classics Lounge of the University of Toronto's Lillian Massey Building was the site of a gathering worthy of the gods themselves last Friday evening. The launch of Elaine Fantham's book Latin Poets and Italian Gods, based on her 2004 Robson lectures, inspired an enthusiastic turnout. Those who attended were well-rewarded by Fantham's remarks that evening, as she eruditely shared colourful anecdotes about her distinguished career and the scholars she has worked with throughout the years.

    Latin Poets and Italian Gods reconstructs the response of Roman poets in the late republic and Augustan age to the rural cults of central Italy. Rather than limiting her study to Olympian Greek deities such as Jupiter, Mars, and Juno, Fantham focuses on the humbler old country gods real-life Italians gave their affection and loyalty to such as local nymphs and (my personal favourite) the lusty garden god Priapus.

    This was my first scholarly book launch, and it was a pleasure to attend such a successful event!

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