Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada

Edited by Gerald A. Evans

Published Biannually | E-ISSN 2371-0888

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The Official Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada (JAMMI) aims to publish scholarly articles pertaining to infectious diseases, in particular those affecting humans. It serves as a Canadian perspective covering the depth and breadth of clinical microbiology and laboratory diagnosis, clinical care and management, epidemiology and societal issues relating to human infectious diseases by publishing world-class papers to a broad international and multidisciplinary readership of researchers, clinicians, educators, and policy makers with an interest in the field. JAMMI publishes original peer-reviewed research articles and other types of articles including but not limited to: reviews of and commentary on cutting edge topics in infectious diseases, clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of human infectious diseases, including optimal use of antimicrobial therapies, AMMI Canada position statements and unique illustrative case reports and clinical vignettes related to the health and care of populations of interest.
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  • Editorial board


    Gerald A. Evans (Kingston)

    Associate Editors

    Medical Microbiology

    Byron M. Berenger (Calgary)

    Philippe Lagacé-Wiens (Winnipeg)

    Guidelines & Position Papers

    Donald Vinh (Montréal)

    Antimicrobial Therapy/Stewardship

    Jennifer Grant (Vancouver)

    Public Health & Epidemiology

    Jennie Johnstone (Toronto)

    Infection Prevention & Control

    Susy Hota (Toronto)

    Tropical & Travel medicine

    Susan Kuhn (Calgary)

    Transplant ID/Immunocompromised Host

    Deepali Kumar (Toronto)

    Sexually transmitted Infections incl. Social Determinants of Health

    Ameeta Singh (Edmonton)

    Clinical Virology

    Curtis Cooper (Ottawa)

    Adult ID Notes

    Kevin Laupland (Kamloops)

    Louis Valiquette (Sherbrooke)

    Pediatric ID Notes

    Joan Robinson (Edmonton)

    Nicole Le saux (Ottawa)

    Case Reports & Clinical Vignettes

    Sameer Elsayed (London)

    Cora Constantinescu (Calgary)

    Peter Daley (St. John's)

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