Acquisitions Editors


Suzanne Rancourt, Editorial Director, Humanities
Subjects: Classics, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and Erasmus Studies

Natalie Fingerhut, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: History, with specific interest in Indigenous History, Canadian History, European History, Jewish History, Medieval Studies, and non-Western History

Len Husband, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Canadian History, History of Sciences and Medicine, Jewish Studies, Native History, and Philosophy

Stephen Shapiro, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Non-Canadian History, Slavic Studies, German Studies, and Lonergan Studies

Mark Thompson, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Literature, Book History, Film, Cultural Studies, and Communications


Social Sciences

Jennifer DiDomenico, Editorial Director, Social Sciences
Subjects: Business and Economics

Rebecca Duce, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Political Science and Related Disciplines

Carli Hansen, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Anthropology, Sociology, and Related Disciplines

Jodi Lewchuk, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Anthropology, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and Urban Studies

Marilyn McCormack, Associate Acquisitions Editor
On leave

Meg Patterson, Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Health, Medicine, Social Work, and Education

Daniel Quinlan, Senior Acquisitions Editor
Subjects: Political Science and Law