Staff List


800 Bay Street, Mezzanine
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 3A9
Tel: 416-978-2239



Antonia Pop
Vice President, Publishing Division
800 Bay Street, Mezzanine
Toronto, ON, Canada, M5S 3A9
Tel: 416-667-7838

Jennifer DiDomenico
Editorial Director, Social Sciences
Acquiring in: Business and Economics
Tel: 416-978-2239 ext. 2259

Lily Bergh
Director, Business Development
Tel: 647-701-4207

Sandra Shaw
Director, Editorial, Design and Production (interim)
Tel: 647-805-5117 ext. 7971

Suzanne Rancourt
Editorial Director, Humanities
Acquiring in: Classics, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and Erasmus Studies
Tel: 416-978-2239 ext. 2239



Carli Hansen
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Anthropology, Sociology, and Related Disciplines (course books)

Daniel Quinlan
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Political Science and Law

Jessica Carter
Publishing Assistant

Jodi Lewchuk
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Anthropology, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and Urban Studies

Jodi Litvin
Associate Acquisitions Editor

Len Husband
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Canadian History, History of Sciences and Medicine, Jewish Studies, Native History, and Philosophy

Lohit Jagwani
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Health, Medicine, Science

Marilyn McCormack
Associate Acquisitions Editor

Mark Thompson
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Literature, Book History, Film, Cultural Studies, and Communications

Megan Hunt
Editorial Assistant, Social Sciences

Natalie Fingerhut
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: History, with specific interest in Indigenous History, Canadian History, European History, Jewish History, Medieval Studies, and non-Western History (course books)

Rebecca Duce
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Political Science and Related Disciplines (course books)

Stephen Shapiro
Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Non-Canadian History, Slavic Studies, German Studies, and Lonergan Studies



Adina Saban
Promotions Coordinator, Humanities

Aditi Parikh
Marketing Coordinator

Bob Currer
Data and Web Coordinator

Kayla Kiteley
Social Media Specialist

Kristjan Buckingham
Advertising and Graphic Design Coordinator

Lucille Miranda
Marketing Manager, Social Sciences

Rebecca Dass
Digital Marketing Coordinator

Stephanie Mazza
Product Marketing Specialist



Elizabeth Smith
Publisher's Representative

Joanna Kincaide Moore
Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Kiley Venables
Rights and Permissions Coordinator

Mike Byer
Sales Manager, Higher Education

Ryan Hume
Publisher's Representative



Ashley Bernicky
Production Coordinator

Barb Porter
Associate Managing Editor

Brittney Sutherland
Assistant Production Manager

Christine Robertson
Associate Managing Editor

Janice Evans
Associate Managing Editor

Leah Connor
Associate Managing Editor

Lisa Jemison
Managing Editor
On leave

Mary Lui
Associate Managing Editor

Ryan Pidhayny
Production Coordinator

Val Cooke