Alternate Format Requests

University of Toronto Press is pleased to partner with Bookshare to provide accessible formats of the majority of our titles. If you or your institution is a member of Bookshare there is no charge to use a title from the Bookshare library. In Canada, titles in the Bookshare collection are also part of the Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) Collection.

In addition, University of Toronto Press provides PDFs of our books for students or other readers with print disabilities. Such requests must be made by an institution such as CNIB or an accessibility centre at a recognized college or university. If you would like to submit a request to University of Toronto Press for a text in an alternate format, please send your request by email to Kiley Venables


Please include in your request:

  • the name of your institution
  • the name and dates of the course for which the text is required (if applicable)
  • the title and author of the book requested
  • confirmation of proof of purchase.

Please note that we can provide PDFs only for books published by University of Toronto Press; for alternate formats of books published by presses distributed by UTP Distribution, please contact the publisher directly.