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Recent Award Winners at UTP

Now that Congress has concluded, and it seems as if award season has begun with a bang, I’d like to take the time to congratulate a few authors who have recently won awards.

UTP at Congress 2010

Today, the second day of Congress 2010, dawned cloudy with a little rain following a sunny Friday at Concordia University in Montreal. After arriving on Thursday to set up the booth, the book fair for Congress 2010 opened its doors Friday morning, and despite the cloudy weather today, conference attendees are browsing the variety of books that the publishers have set out for display.

Sacred Violence Launch at NYU

Now that UTP has returned from the 45th annual International Congress on Medieval Studies, where we mounted an impressive display of our new and backlist books, we thought we should mention another medieval studies event that occurred this past semester, but which we were sadly unable to attend in person…

Kalamazoo Diaries #1: The First Day

Please allow me to introduce myself. I am The Berserker. You can call me Berserk for short. I am escorting Natalie, Anna, and Suzanne to Kalamazoo (or “Kzoo” as the pros call it) for the 45th annual International Congress on Medieval Studies.

Earl H. Fry’s Lament for America

Lament for America pinpoints three critical headwinds facing the United States: (1) the rise of competitor nations or groups of nations such as China and the European Union; (2) the potent combination of globalization, rapid technology change, and creative destruction; and (3) 15 major “fault lines” within the U.S. itself.

This is Not a Reading Series with Geoffrey Reaume

This past Wednesday, the Gladstone Hotel and TINARS hosted the “Words On The Wall” event with Geoffrey Reaume, author of Remembrance of Patients Past: Life at the Toronto Hospital for the Insane, 1870-1940.

Trends in Canadian Internet Use: 2009 – 2010

For this entry in my UTP blog I decided to talk about online video use within a video – using the medium to discuss the medium. The result is hosted on YouTube and can be viewed below. Herewith follows a brief reflection on the process of video blogging.

Amateurs: The New Common Culture

Time, the magazine that declared YouTube as the Person of the Year in 2006, recently released a list of YouTube’s top fifty videos. How this list was determined we do not know, but it is a marker of current tastes that merits attention.