Preparing Your Manuscript

Before you submit your manuscript, it is important to follow these instructions to ensure a smooth process through copy editing and production.


ORDER OF BOOK ELEMENTS (as applicable)

  • Front Matter (before body text)
    • Title page
    • Dedication
    • Epigraph
    • Table of Contents (called “Contents”)
    • List of Illustrations (called “Illustrations”)
    • List of Tables (called “Tables”)
    • Foreword
    • Preface (may include acknowledgments)
    • Acknowledgments
    • Abbreviations (if used in text)
  • Back Matter (after body text)
    • Appendixes
    • Abbreviations (if used in back matter)
    • Notes
    • Glossary
    • Bibliography or References
    • List of Contributors (if edited volume)
    • Index (will be prepared at a later stage)



You should follow a recognized citation style (e.g., Chicago Manual of Style, either notes and bibliography or author-date format; MLA; or APA) consistently throughout and should identify the style used upon submission of the manuscript. Unless otherwise agreed, for monographs, notes should be gathered at the end of the text numbered one up per chapter and references gathered at the end of the text. For edited collections, notes and references should be gathered at the end of each chapter.



  • Ensure your manuscript is a Microsoft Word file.
  • Number your pages consecutively throughout, from the first page of the front matter to the last page of the back matter.
  • Use Microsoft Word’s “insert footnote/endnote” tool for all notes. Notes should be numbered in a separate sequence for each chapter.
  • Make sure your hierarchy of subheads is consistent, preferably by using a unique formatting (italic, bold, centred, etc.) for each kind of subhead. Please do not use numbered subheads unless sections are cross-referenced extensively in the text.
  • Illustrations should not be present in your primary manuscript document(s). See Preparing Your Artwork for instructions on file naming, captions, and call-outs.
  • If your manuscript contains any special symbols that you cannot produce without writing them by hand, please inform your acquisition editor prior to manuscript submission.
  • Passages in foreign languages must be translated or paraphrased, either within brackets or parentheses in the text or in the form of a note. For foreign language excerpts, verify spelling and diacritics. For breathing marks, ensure that the correct direction is specified.



Authors are encouraged to use language services if they need help preparing their manuscript. Please bear in mind that the decision to publish by the Press will always be based on the merits of each manuscript and the use of a language editing service does not guarantee publication. For further information or to order an editing or translation service please go to

For assistance with artwork editing, please go to