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University of Toronto Press is dedicated to serving its authors through its rigorous editorial process, innovative production technologies, and active sales, marketing, and distribution teams.


In addition to our scholarly and higher education lists, UTP imprints include:

Aevo UTP

Books that delve into major issues facing today’s world. Written by leading experts and intended for the intellectually curious, these books tackle a range of topics including the climate crisis, urban development, mental health, and popular science.

New Jewish Press

Books on Jewish topics that are timely and rooted in empathy and inclusivity. These books aim to bring the Jewish community together with strong, smart commentary that demands critical thinking and conversation. We do not publish fiction or poetry.

Rotman-UTP Publishing

Business books that bridge the gap between research and practice, offering creative tools for navigating today’s complex business environment. Business professionals, students, and anyone interested in staying current with the latest in business thinking will be engaged by these titles, which reflect the Rotman School’s vision for “a new way to think.”


UTP is dedicated to its mission of advancing knowledge through its activities in the following areas:


  • UTP has a long history of publishing works that have made substantial contributions to scholarship in Canada and internationally.
  • Academic books receive a rigorous peer review and internal assessment, including evaluation from our Manuscript Review Committee, composed of senior scholars at the University of Toronto.
  • Our experienced acquiring editors have a strong commitment to their respective lists, their authors, and their readers.
  • Each book benefits from close attention to copyediting, layout, typesetting, and cover design.


  • UTP is present at major book industry events in Canada, the United States, and Europe each year, including the Frankfurt, London, and Beijing book fairs, ABA Winter Institute, Edelweiss Bookfest, and the American Library Association Annual Conference. We also attend the annual meetings of the Modern Language Association, American Historical Association, American Anthropological Association, American Political Science Association, Academy of Management, American Association of Geographers, Congress of the Social Sciences and Humanities, and many more.
  • Our dedicated sales and marketing departments work together with the editors to ensure that our books are advertised and reviewed in key academic journals and popular periodicals, and that all books receive the necessary publicity, support, and exposure across markets.
  • We achieve global reach for the sales, marketing, and distribution of all our books via trade sales representatives in Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, Japan, India, and beyond.
  • We maintain close relationships with major online vendors and wholesalers to ensure efficient sales through all retail channels, including Amazon, Google, Barnes & Noble, and Indigo, as well as independent and university bookstores.
  • Extensive email marketing through discipline-specific email campaigns delivers news of our books and journals directly to the inboxes of thousands of readers worldwide.
  • Our targeted use of social media and digital marketing provides opportunities to creatively market UTP books online.
  • An active team of sales representatives promotes our books in person and via email every semester on campuses across Canada and the United States.




“UTP is seriously committed to serious books. My book is a far better product and will reach a larger audience because of their smart decisions and professionalism at all stages of the publishing process.”

—Rae Andre, D'Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University


“I feel very fortunate to have had my book published by UTP, and the book benefitted greatly by my interactions with my editors.”

—G.M. Bancroft, Department of Chemistry, Western University


“The folks at the University of Toronto Press are enthusiastic, supportive, and efficient. When you publish with them, you feel like you are working WITH them, not in parallel or opposition. They go out of their way to help your project succeed.”

—Gayle K. Brunelle, Department of History, California State University, Fullerton


“The sensitivity with which the entire UTP staff approached our book on Indigenous-settler relations must be unique and over-and-above in the publishing world. And nothing can match the marketing support that UTP has provided. Thank you to the entire UTP staff from the bottom of our hearts.”

—Shirley N. Hager, University of Maine Cooperative Extension


“UTP has been a brilliant publisher for me. I have been thrilled with their support and the results – a book much better than I could reasonably have hoped, and a reach far broader than expected. Bravo and thank you!”

—David Miller, C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group


“My experience working with UTP was highly positive. The staff are notably disciplined and have world-class expertise. The book and I could not have been in better publishing hands!”

—Toni Samek, School of Library and Information Studies, University of Alberta


“I have had a dream experience working with the UTP team of professionals where my book was welcomed with great enthusiasm and treated with careful, thoughtful attention.”

—Alisse Waterston, Department of Anthropology, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, City University of New York (CUNY)