Aevo UTP Submissions

Aevo UTP books delve into major issues facing today’s world. Written by leading experts and intended for the intellectually curious, these books tackle a range of topics including the climate crisis, urban development, mental health, and popular science.

Drawn from the University of Toronto’s coat of arms, “Aevo” loosely translates to “passing through time.” Aevo UTP books put the present in context and bring the future into focus.

Aevo UTP does not consider works of fiction or poetry.


Please include the following in your proposal:

  1. A title and subtitle
  2. A brief synopsis of the book that provides an overview, including a sense of its narrative arc
  3. An annotated outline of the chapters that includes:
    • Table of contents
    • Brief chapter outlines
    • Approximate word count
    • Number and type of illustrations planned
    • Sample chapter
  1. A description of what makes your book unique
  2. Examples of comparable titles and how your book is situated within this space
  3. A description of the target market/audience
    • Define your audience (i.e. what is the identifiable market/who will buy it?)
    • Why will it sell?
  1. An author biography or CV, highlighting any previous writing, publishing, or media work
  2. An outline of how you will be able to help in reaching your book's audience. Previous media appearances, active blogs, author websites, prominent reviews of previous books, and/or a strong presence on social media are indicators of your ability to help promote your book. Please include links to your website, blog, and/or social media accounts (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Goodreads, or Amazon Author Page).
  3. Manuscript status (i.e. proposal stage, partially written, manuscript complete)


Thank you for considering us as your publisher. Due to the number of submissions we receive, it may take up to three months to receive a reply. Please be patient as we consider your proposal.