Scholarly Submissions

UTP is Canada’s leading scholarly publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America. We publish award-winning scholarship and groundbreaking research in the form of monographs, edited collections, and other scholarly works.


Proposals for scholarly books should include the following:

  1. A working title
  2. An overview of the book
    • What is it about? What is its central argument?
    • Why have you written this book?
    • How does your book compare to others in this field?
    • How will it be different?
    • If the manuscript is based on a dissertation, please tell us when it was defended and the revisions you have made or propose to make.
  1. Information about intended audience(s)
    • If the book is intended for course adoption, please list relevant course titles/departments. If you have information about where such courses are taught, or an idea of enrollment, please include here.
    • Is your book for specialists in your field? In a particular area of a larger field?
    • Is there a broader general audience?
  1. Manuscript information
    • Anticipated length including word count.
    • Total number of illustrations, figures, and tables (if applicable).
    • Anticipated completion date.
  1. For edited collections or multi-authored works, please include a description of how the book will be thematically integrated and how the chapters will be linked.
  2. Table of contents with a brief synopsis of each chapter
  3. Curriculum vitae for each author
  4. Sample chapter (if available)


Please do not submit a manuscript unless you have been requested to do so by an acquisitions editor, and please ensure you keep all originals.