Ebooks may be purchased by individuals through our website or through one of our digital partners. From our site, ebooks are easily downloaded and can be read on your PC or Mac, as well as other ebook devices and tablets. UTP ebooks for library or institutional customers are available for purchase through one of our library partners (see below).


Each UTP ebook is available for purchase from the UTP website in either EPUB and/or PDF versions:

  1. EPUB: reflowable content suitable for reading on ebook devices, tablets, iPads, PCs, etc.
  2. PDF: fixed format that uses the same typeface and page design as the printed book

Please note: Ebooks purchased from our website require an Adobe ID and Adobe Digital Editions to view.

When you purchase an ebook through our website, you can download your digital product(s) from the My Downloads area found in My Account. You will receive an order confirmation by email with additional information and a link to My Account. Please consult our terms and conditions page for additional information about your ebook purchase.


Please note that you will have to follow these steps:

  1. If you don’t already have one, please set up your Adobe ID (a free personal account). Click here to set up an Adobe ID.
  2. Download Adobe Digital Editions. To ensure that your purchase is viewable on other devices, you must authorize your copy of Adobe Digital Editions and create an Adobe ID. Click here for the Adobe Digital Editions Troubleshooting and Help.
  3. For viewing an EPUB on a mobile device or tablet, you will need to download a reading application. We recommend Bluefire Reader. Download Bluefire Reader here.
  4. For IOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, please use Apple's Safari browser when downloading content.
  5. For PCs, please use Firefox or Microsoft Edge to download your files.

Refund for ebooks

All ebooks are refundable if the ebook in has not been download into Adobe Digital Editions.