Open Access


Open access (OA) offers a wide range of benefits to authors, readers, and libraries – most notably by providing readers anywhere, anytime, unrestricted, online access to peer-reviewed research. UTP Book Publishing is pleased to broaden its open-access program to support a full-service Gold Open Access publishing model available for research monographs. Books published as UTP OA Books will continue to go through our rigorous editorial and peer-review process and will be published to the same standard as our traditional publications. UTP OA Books will be published with a Creative Commons licence (we recommend CC-BY-NC-ND) with a PDF ebook available for download. In most cases, UTP will also produce standard print and ebook versions of OA books to be sold and marketed like other non-OA titles, and authors will receive royalties on sales through these channels. Trade, professional, and coursebook publications are not eligible through this program.

Books included in UTP OA Books require a book-processing fee. The OA fee for each book is considered individually and assessed based on the number of words, the number of illustrations, and the complexity of the work. Authors continue to be responsible for creating the index and clearing permissions for any relevant materials and must ensure that third-party permissions allow for open-access use. Interested authors should discuss the appropriateness of their book for the UTP OA Books program with their Acquisitions Editor.

Our Gold Open Access model is also available for book chapters in research-focused publications. UTP OA Chapters is an extension to this program available for select volumes. Interested authors and contributors should discuss this model with their Acquisitions Editor.

UTP Book Publishing participates in other open-access publishing initiatives, including the following:

  • University of Toronto Libraries: In 2019, UTP and the University of Toronto Libraries announced the formation of a new partnership to support the open-access publication of books authored by University of Toronto scholars. Books published through this partnership can be accessed through our website or through the University of Toronto Press Open Monographs Collection.
  • Knowledge Unlatched: UTP has participated in the Knowledge Unlatched program since 2015. UTP books unlatched under this partnership can be accessed through our website or through the Open Research Library.