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  • Beyond Binaries: Chemical Technologies for Coping with Climate Change

    The Story of CO2, due for release on November 5, is the latest book from Aevo UTP to contribute to the vital conversation on climate change. The book highlights the cutting-edge science and emerging technologies that can transform carbon dioxide into a myriad of products such as feedstock chemicals, polymers, pharmaceuticals, and fuels. In this post, authors Geoffrey A. Ozin and Mireille F. Ghoussoub discuss the book in more detail and why we should be considering CO2 as a resource in the fight against catastrophic climate change. 

  • Order and Disorder: England’s Troubled History

    Award-winning teacher Ken MacMillan is the author of the recently published Death and Disorder: A History of Early Modern England, 1485–1690. The book introduces readers to the tumultuous world of Tudor and Stuart England, where numerous kings and queens were killed, their advisors assassinated, treasonous nobles beheaded, religious heretics burned at the stake, and common criminals executed by hanging. In this post, MacMillan delves deeper into some of these stories and discusses what we can expect from the book.

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Featured Author: Jenny Ellison

Featured Author: Jenny Ellison

Jenny Ellison is the Curator of Sport and Leisure at the Canadian Museum of History.


I’m fortunate to have published twice with UTP, as co-editor of Obesity in Canada: Critical Perspectives and author of Being Fat: Women, Weight and Feminist Activism. UTP was the first in Canada to publish works in critical fat studies, demonstrating their commitment to amplifying new scholarly ideas and authors. The Presses’ formidable marketing and distribution teams ensure that the books are widely available through booksellers and in libraries in Canada and internationally.