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  • A Green and Just Recovery Requires Bold Action. Not Bold Words.

    David Miller is the Director of International Diplomacy and Global Ambassador of Inclusive Climate Action at C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group. He is also the author of Solved: How the World’s Great Cities Are Fixing the Climate Crisis, the latest book from our new trade imprint, Aevo UTP. The book is a summons to every city to make small but significant changes that can drastically reduce our carbon footprint. The book will be available on October 1. So in the meantime, David Miller writes for us on the blog and discusses how Canada can recover from the current global health crisis, by making the case for a green and just recovery that can lower greenhouse gas emissions and create jobs.

  • The Rapids: Ways of Looking at Mania (Part 1)

    In a new blog series to highlight the ways in which mental health is depicted and discussed in today's world, Sam Twyford-Moore, author of The Rapids: Ways of Looking at Mania, talks with other writers about some of their own experiences relating to mental health. In this post, Sam talks to fellow Australian author Mia Walsch.

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Featured Author: Ruth Panofsky

Featured Author: Ruth Panofsky

Ruth Panofsky is a professor in the Department of English at Ryerson University.


“My latest book, Toronto Trailblazers: Women in Canadian Publishing, has found a perfect home with University of Toronto Press. My editor, Mark Thompson, was encouraging and supportive throughout the peer review process, external and internal, and helped bring my research to light. That research, as well as my firsthand experience as a UTP author, confirms that the press always has been committed to disseminating top-notch scholarship and to helping scholars produce their best work.”