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  • The Need for Employers to Recognize and Reduce Ageism

    The Canadian population is aging, bringing with it an increasing number of social and economic challenges, including an aging workforce. In her new book, Ageism at Work: Deconstructing Age and Gender in the Discriminating Labour Market, Ellie Berger explores the subjective experiences of older workers in Canada and examines employers’ attitudes towards older workers quantitatively, while also exploring their first-hand accounts about them through qualitative inquiry. In the first of two blog posts, author Ellie Berger discusses some of those first-hand accounts and provides suggestions for employers to help reduce ageism in their organizations.

  • Teaching Social Work: Reflections on Pedagogy and Practice

    Most social work instructors learn to teach through trial and error, bringing their own style, experiences, and preferences to the endeavour rather than having a formal program of education and instruction on how to best educate and instruct. Teaching Social Work: Reflections on Pedagogy and Practice brings together thirty experienced professors and practitioners to address the often complex and uncertain field of social work education. In this post, editors Rick Csiernik and Susan Hillock tell us more about their edited volume and the framework they have created for social work educators to reflect on how they teach, why they teach in specific ways, and what works best for teaching in the discipline of social work. 

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Book Launch for Lazarillo de Tormes: A Graphic Novel

Book Launch for Lazarillo de Tormes: A Graphic Novel

Monday, May 10 | 12:00pm EST


Join us for the book launch of Lazarillo de Tormes: A Graphic Novel, written and adapted by Enriqueta Zafra and illustrated by Jesús Mora.


The author and illustrator will be joined by special guest speakers Reyes Coll-Tellechea (University of Massachusetts Boston) and David Fernández (Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library). The discussion will be moderated by Felipe Ruan (Brock University).


Click here to register.