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  • Urban Resilience in a Time of Global Uncertainty

    Sadly but not unexpectedly, the Urban Affairs Association Annual Conference, originally scheduled for this weekend in Washington, D.C., was cancelled due to the current coronavirus outbreak. However, we reached out to acquisitions editor Jodi Lewchuk and asked her to talk us through some of the books she would have been displaying at UAA. Enjoy this virtual book exhibit!

  • Healthy Organizational Responses to the Coronavirus Pandemic

    Graham Lowe's latest book, Creating Healthy Organizations, makes a compelling case for resilient and humanly sustainable businesses by focusing on improving employees’ well-being. This advice is just as prevalent to organizations today, as employees are forced into working from home, and where the lines between work and home and family life have dissolved. Graham Lowe writes in this post about why following the principles of a healthy organization can be helpful.

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Featured Author: Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Featured Author: Rosa Bruno-Jofré

Rosa Bruno-Jofré is professor and former Dean of the Faculty of Education, cross-appointed to the Department of History at Queen’s University.


“The press has a marvelous team, with an editorial staff that is meticulous yet open to new ways of doing things and taking risky approaches. The production staff has worked with me to understand my aesthetical goals, and the promotion and marketing people are great listeners. Three words to describe the teams working with the press are caring, responsive, and risk-takers.”