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  • Before a Saint, A Man: Disability in the Life of Francis of Assisi

    Written by Donna Trembinski, Illness and Authority examines the lived experience and early stories about St. Francis of Assisi through the lens of disability studies. In this post, Trembinski discusses more about her book that shows us another, less readily seen side of this famous saint.

  • Raise UP: Rae André

    Today, the blog tour highlights active voices within the community and who better to Raise UP than Rae André, climate change educator and bestselling author. She teaches Leadership and Sustainability in the D’Amore-McKim School of Business, Northeastern University, as Professor Emeritus, and consults on integrating planetary sustainability into business school and other university curricula. She is also the author of Lead for the Planet: Five Practices for Confronting Climate Change

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Featured Author: Jenny Ellison

Featured Author: Jenny Ellison

Jenny Ellison is the Curator of Sport and Leisure at the Canadian Museum of History.


"I’m fortunate to have published twice with UTP, as co-editor of Obesity in Canada (2016) and author of Being Fat: Women, Weight and Feminist Activism. UTP was the first in Canada to publish works in critical fat studies, demonstrating their commitment to amplifying new scholarly ideas and authors. The formidable marketing and distribution teams at UTP ensure that the books are widely available through booksellers and in libraries in Canada and internationally."