Enter Stage Right, Wearing Snowshoes

Ponteach or the Savages of America: A Tragedy is a play written by Robert Rogers, the famous frontier soldier of the Rangers, in 1766. A new release from UTP, Ponteach is presented for the first time in a fully annotated edition, with an introduction by Tiffany Potter. A remarkable text, Ponteach is one of the only early dramatic works composed by an author with personal knowledge of the Indigenous nations of North America. Rogers was also famous for his soldiering, including his formation and commanding of Rogers' Rangers, an independent company of rangers.

This month marks the anniversary of the First Battle on Snowshoes. In January of 1757, Robert Rogers and Rogers' Rangers were involved in a skirmish named the 1757 Battle on Snowshoes, fought between Rogers' Rangers, and the French and First Nations peoples during the French and Indian War. The British, and the Rangers, were reported to have a distinct advantage due to the snowshoes they wore.

To honour Robert Rogers, playwright and snowshoe-er, here's an excerpt from Act 1, Scene 1 of Ponteach.

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