UTP Partners with Symtext to Offer Digital Coursepacks

The Higher Education Division of the University of Toronto Press has launched a pilot program that will make over one thousand of its medieval history primary source documents available to instructors in the form of customized digital coursepacks.

In order to provide instructors with as much flexibility as possible in how they use the many primary sources that UTP publishes, and to ensure that students have access to learning materials in a variety of formats, the Higher Education Division of the University of Toronto Press will begin offering content from its list of medieval history course books in the form of digital coursepacks.

UTP has partnered with Symtext Corporation (symtext.com) in order to capitalize on the Symtext platform, which enables instructors to craft Liquid Textbooks—a unique, interactive learning experience featuring their own material, as well as text, video, podcasts, photos, content from publishers, and student-generated content.

As part of this pilot project, UTP will begin by offering material from its list of medieval history source readers, including volumes in the very popular Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures Series.

Highlights of the pilot program:

  • Approximately 16 books to be included initially, accounting for over one thousand individual sources
  • Builds on UTP’s current custom coursepack offerings, which are available in hard copy
  • Extends UTP’s reach into the digital arena
  • Provides the ultimate amount of flexibility for instructors
  • UTP and Symtext will provide full customer service and support throughout the process of assembling, ordering, and using digital coursepacks

UTP has received excellent feedback on its current custom publishing offerings and is excited to expand the range of options for instructors and students. In the future, UTP hopes to expand its digital coursepack offerings further to include secondary source readings, as well as materials in other disciplines.

VP of the Higher Education Division, Michael Harrison, says, "Working with Symtext immediately allows UTP to start offering digital coursepacks that students can purchase directly online or that can be integrated into any learning management system. It’s also an excellent opportunity to learn more about emerging digital learning approaches.”

For more information please visit utppublishing.com/coursepacks.php.

About the University of Toronto Press, Higher Education Division:

University of Toronto Press (UTP) is Canada’s leading scholarly publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America. The Higher Education Division actively markets UTP books to academics across Canada and the United States. All editorial, sales, marketing, and production duties are carried out through the UTP Higher Education office in Guelph, Ontario. The division has over 300 books in print.

About Symtext:

Symtext makes it easy for educational organizations—universities, colleges, and businesses—to provide their learners with exactly the right mix of instructional materials. Since its successful launch in 2009, more than 70 publishers have contributed content specified by educators. Located in Toronto, Ontario, Symtext continues to develop new features to improve the delivery and access of digital content.

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