Target practice for your inner Cupid: Valentine's Day titles from UTP

Are you sweet on Valentine's Day? Or does this Hallmark holiday leave you feeling sour? We at UTP couldn't resist spreading the love for these Valentine's Day-appropriate titles. There's something for every reader, whether you've been hit by Cupid's arrow, or would just like to hit him with one.

For the hopeless romantics:
If you want to learn to properly woo your beloved, you should take a page from the medievalists. Learn more about the art of courtship in Courtly Love in Medieval Manuscripts.

2005 Canada Read's winner Rockbound is about life on the small maritime island of Rockbound, and follows youthful David Jung in his struggle to forge a place for himself amid family strife, harsh labour, and secret love. This is a novel rooted in greed, pride, love, and yearning - and is there anything more romantic than the sea?

For a sexy Valentine's Day:
A book that's all about power, pleasure, and desire, Paul Rutherford's A World Made Sexy: Freud to Madonna is the perfect read for anyone interested in how eroticism has evolved in modern society.

For the ultimate guide to the history of sexuality, we recommend you pick up The History of Sexuality Sourcebook, which offers a truly stimulating array of documents relating to all aspects of sexuality, ranging from Sappho to Marx.

Not for the faint of heart, Written in the Flesh: A History of Desire is a provocative chronicle of the changing nature of what people yearn to do sexually. Includes two highly racy photo sections with photos from the Kinsey Collection - truly titillating!

For the embittered or disinterested:
If you feel bombarded by happy endings and picture-perfect romances, we recommend you have a look at the dark and beautiful short stories of Natalia Ginzburg. One of the foremost writers to emerge from twentieth-century Italy, Ginzburg explores her fascination with the essential bleakness of human existence.

A harsh critique of male-dominated society in early twentieth century Canada, Is It Just? tells the story of Mary Pierce who, through the actions of her lazy and selfish husband, loses her land, her social standing, and ultimately, her life. If you weren't jaded before, you certainly will be after reading this.

Happy Valentine's Day from UTP!