Excerpt: The Transition to Food Production

Through the Lens of AnthropologyIn the second of a series of four excerpts, all leading up to the publication of Through the Lens of Anthropology: An Introduction to Human Evolution and Culture by Robert J. Muckle and Laura Tubelle de González, we would like to share a few educational yet entertaining pages on the domestication of plants and animals—as well as the place of alcohol in human evolution.

Through the Lens of Anthropology is an introductory four-field textbook with a fresh perspective, a lively narrative, and plenty of popular topics that are sure to engage students. The following excerpt is taken from Chapter 6: Cultural Evolution from 20,000 to 5,000 Years Ago. Both of the feature boxes included in this excerpt (Box 6.2: Why Did People Domesticate Plants and Animals? and Box 6.3: Was Alcohol a Driving Force of Human Evolution?) ask very good questions, and of course they are visually supported by the cartoon of an early human keg party (Figure 6.1).

If you have ever wondered about the history of human subsistence, or when humans began consuming alcohol, this excerpt is worth a read.

Download the excerpt here.

Invitation: Help us to launch Through the Lens of Anthropology at this year’s annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Denver, Colorado, November 19, 4-5 pm, University of Toronto Press, Booth #205. We will be serving Fat Tire Amber Ale!

Note: If you are scheduled to teach an introductory anthropology course, please email requests@utphighereducation.com to request an examination copy of Through the Lens of Anthropology. This is a textbook that is interesting to read, manageable to teach, and that succeeds at igniting interest in anthropology as a discipline. We would be more than happy to give you the opportunity to review it for yourself!

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