University of Toronto Press is excited to announce a groundbreaking new series that realizes ethnographic research in graphic novel form. The series speaks to a growing interest in comics as a powerful narrative medium and to a number of trends in anthropology, including a desire for a more imaginative and collaborative ethnography and for engaging with a broader public on contemporary issues. The goal is to create scholarly-informed narratives that are accessible, open-ended, aesthetically rich, and that foster greater cross-cultural understanding. Books in the series combine the power of ethnographic research with the unique elements of comics as a sequential art, using page, panels, gutters, visuals, dialogue, captions, line, and lettering to tell the story. Beyond the graphic narrative, each book in the series will include a reader’s guide with discussion questions (perfect for book clubs!), background information on the research behind the story, and a discussion of the challenges and benefits of transforming research into graphic novel form.

Series Editors: Sherine Hamdy (University of California, Irvine) and Marc Parenteau (cartoonist)  

Series Advisory Board: Juliet McMullin (University of California, Riverside), Stacy Pigg (Simon Fraser University), Nick Sousanis (San Francisco State University), Fiona Smyth (OCAD University)

Proposal guidelines for the ethnoGRAPHIC series can be downloaded here.