University of Toronto Press is dedicated to providing instructors with all the materials necessary for teaching their courses, in either print or digital formats. We understand that flexibility is important, and so we continue to ensure that our books can be customized in a variety of useful ways for undergraduate and graduate courses.


University of Toronto Press works with XanEdu and AcademicPub in order to offer a full range of print and digital custom publishing services. XanEdu is the leading US provider of custom course materials sold through campus bookstores and academic programs, while AcademicPub is the leading provider of self-service technology used by faculty to create their own course packs.

Recently merged, these two companies together provide the necessary customer service and the digital platform that we require—as a not-for-profit university press—in order to give students and instructors the widest possible range of options.


If you are interested in using UTP material in an upcoming course, you will find many of our higher education books, chapters, and primary source documents already available in the AcademicPub library. For those materials that are not currently uploaded, XanEdu and UTP will work together to make sure that they are uploaded immediately and that any necessary permissions are secured.

Ultimately, we can work with you to take material from virtually any UTP book or journal for course use. In the following disciplines, however, we have a breadth of offerings that make it easy to compile materials for a semester-length course:

Medieval Studies

In Medieval Studies, which is our most popular discipline for custom publishing options, we are currently offering approximately 2,000 individual primary source documents for inclusion in custom publications. These are drawn primarily from the volumes in our very popular Readings in Medieval Civilizations and Cultures Series, edited by Paul Edward Dutton.

Canadian History

In Canadian History, we are pleased to offer instructors access to the entire archive of Canadian Historical Review (CHR) journal articles, dating back to 1897. This comprehensive archive includes thousands of articles, reviews, and commentaries written by some of Canada's most influential historians. To build materials for a well-rounded course, pair these articles with chapters from one of UTP's many Canadian history monographs.

Canadian Politics

In Canadian Politics, pair your favourite UTP book with complementary selections from other titles. For example, combine a primer on institutions like The Canadian Regime by Patrick Malcolmson, Richard Myers, Gerald Baier, and Thomas M.J. Bateman with a selection of issue-based essays taken from our many Canadian politics texts covering globalization, Quebec sovereignty, Aboriginal governance, or Canadian and international environmental policy.

North American Studies

In North American Studies, choose from our growing list of books and book chapters that focus on continental issues and debates, including classic collections of essays such as Politics in North America: Redefining Continental Relations, edited by Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Radha Jhappan, and Francois Rocher, or new overviews like North America: An Introduction by Michael Brescia and John C. Super and Consuming Mexican Labor: From the Bracero Program to NAFTA by Ronald L. Mize and Alicia C.S. Swords.


All UTP-owned material in the AcademicPub library is priced at ten cents per page. For materials that we do not own, or for which we do not have digital rights, XanEdu will work quickly to confirm a price with the original rights holder. In all cases, we will ensure that the pricing is fair and that instructors are aware of the final cost for students before confirming their order.


In order to ensure that orders are ready in time for class use, we recommend six weeks' notice before the beginning of a semester.


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