Book Event: Accidental Wilderness

Book Event: Accidental Wilderness

2021, Mar 17 5:30 PM - 2021, Mar 17 6:30 PM

Wednesday, March 17, 2021 | 5:30-6:30pm EST

Nature's Voice in the City: Public Advocacy and the Future of Toronto Green Spaces.

A series of webinars related to Accidental Wilderness: The Origins and Ecology of Toronto’s Tommy Thompson Park, by Walter Kehm and Robert Burley.

Toronto has a long history of grassroots stakeholder groups playing a crucial role in how publicly accessible wilderness areas inside the city limits are shaped and used. For over a century citizen-groups have organized and worked with all levels of government to ensure that parklands making up the watersheds and waterfront are maintained as environmentally significant areas for present and future generations.

This webinar will explore the unique story of Tommy Thompson Park and how a landform constructed of rubble on the shores of Lake Ontario became one of the richest ecosystems in a major urban centre through the efforts of citizen activism and public consultation. Panelists will also raise and discuss present/future issues created by Toronto’s growing population, its diversity and changing relationship to the natural world.