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Prospective Authors

University of Toronto Press is a leading publisher of academic books and journals, primarily in the social sciences, humanities, and in business. UTP is dedicated to serving its authors through its rigorous editorial program, leading-edge production technologies, and active sales, marketing, and distribution departments.

Submission Guidelines

To learn more about publishing with University of Toronto Press, and to access our submission guidelines for scholarly book projects, higher education projects, or Rotman-UTP Publishing projects, visit the Publish with UTP section of our website.  

Meet Our Acquisition Editors


Natalie Fingerhut, Editor
Acquiring in: History, with specific interest in Aboriginal History, Canadian History, European History, Jewish History, Medieval Studies, and non-Western History

Len Husband, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Canadian History, History of Sciences and Medicine, Jewish Studies, Native History, and Philosophy

Suzanne Rancourt, Manager, Humanities Acquisitions
Acquiring in: Classics, Medieval Studies, Renaissance Studies, and Erasmus Studies

Stephen Shapiro, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Non-Canadian History, Slavic Studies, German Studies, Lonergan Studies

Mark Thompson, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Literature, Book History, Film, Cultural Studies, and Communications

Social Sciences:

Jennifer DiDomenico, Manager, Social Sciences Acquisitions
Acquiring in: Business and Economics

Carli Hansen, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Anthropology, Sociology, and Related Disciplines

Stephen Jones, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Science and Technology

Jodi Lewchuk, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Anthropology, Geography, Indigenous Studies, Sociology, and Urban Studies

Marilyn McCormack, Associate Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Political Science and Related Disciplines

Meg Patterson, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Health, Medicine, Social Work, and Education

Daniel Quinlan, Acquisitions Editor
Acquiring in: Political Science and Law

Current Authors

As Canada’s leading academic publisher and one of the largest university presses in North America, University of Toronto Press has had the privilege of publishing books by a long list of notable authors, including Northrop Frye, Robertson Davies, Harold Innis, Marshall McLuhan, Yousuf Karsh, Michael Bliss, Carl Berger, Umberto Eco, Dorothy Smith, and Julia Kristeva.

Our authors form the very core of our business, and we are committed to ensuring their success through every stage of the publication process. The following resources have been developed to support and promote our authors.


Preparing Manuscripts:

We are pleased to work with you in bringing your manuscript through to publication. This section contains instructions for preparing and submitting your manuscript for the copyediting and production phases of publication at UTP. Your manuscript must be submitted as a Word file following the instructions provided here and please ensure you have obtained any permissions prior to submission and that your illustrations meet our quality standards.

Clearing Permissions:

Reprinting of any copyrighted illustrations and text (beyond the limit of fair dealing/use) is the author's responsibility and requires written permission from the copyright holder. Permission must be obtained for any tables, figures, graphs, drawings, cartoons, maps, or other images reproduced from another source, block quotations in excess of 300 words, and all poetry and song lyrics. No permission is needed for material in the public domain or brief quotes that constitute fair dealing/use. Permission must be received before your book can proceed into production. A sample request letter you can use for clearing permissions is available here

Meeting Artwork Quality Standards:

Please refer to our Artwork Guidelines when preparing artwork for inclusion in your manuscript. Artwork includes tables, figures, photos, maps, etc.

Please submit the completed Art Inventory if your book contains images (i.e. photographs or scans of images).

Need help? Contact your acquiring editor.

You Will Need to Submit the Following Materials:

Digital files for manuscript text by email or on USB

  • Separate files for text body and artwork captions. 
  • Separate files for each piece of artwork (excluding tables which should be in the text body).

Digital files for all illustrations by email, USB, or Dropbox

  • These must be .eps .jpg or .tif files.  
  • Some charts are acceptable in .xls or .xlsx format. Consult with your acquiring editor. 
  • Each illustration must be a separate file (with the exception of tables).

Paper copy of manuscript (if requested by your acquiring editor)

Permissions Documentation

  • We must have copies of any correspondence from rights-holders you have contacted including signed permission letters. They must be submitted at the same time as your final manuscript.

Ready to Submit Your Manuscript?

If you are unable to provide any relevant items, please discuss these with your acquisition editor. Please send electronic forms and materials to your acquiring editor.

Thank you! We look forward to working with you on your book.

Sales and Marketing Tools

Social Media Guidelines:

Download our Social Media Guidelines for more information on how you can help to promote your own work via social media.

Sales and Marketing Review:

Scroll through our Sales and Marketing Review for a dynamic overview of the work we do each year to help disseminate your scholarship.


Visit our Events Calendar for information on forthcoming conferences and events. 

Open Access Policy for Books

Open access (OA) offers a wide range of benefits to authors, readers, and libraries – most notably by providing readers anywhere, anytime, unrestricted, online access to peer-reviewed research.

University of Toronto Press (UTP) Book Publishing has long been a supporter of responsible and fair open access. In 2015 we became a publisher partner with Knowledge Unlatched and have successfully unlatched titles through this initiative in each of the past four years. In addition, we have worked with authors on several projects in which the books were made available in open access, and we were one of the original members of the Association of University Presses to sign on to the TOME (Toward an Open Monograph Ecosystem) project. In 2019, UTP and the University of Toronto Libraries announced the formation of a new partnership to support the open-access publication of three books authored by University of Toronto scholars in each of the next three years.

UTP Book Publishing is pleased to broaden its open-access program to support a full-service Gold Open Access publishing model available for research monographs. Books published as UTP OA Books will continue to go through our rigorous editorial and peer-review process and will be published to the same standard as our traditional publications. UTP OA Books will be published with a Creative Commons licence (we recommend CC-BY-NC-ND) with a PDF ebook available for download. In most cases, UTP will also produce standard print and ebook versions of OA books to be sold and marketed like other non-OA titles, and authors will receive royalties on sales through these channels. Trade, professional, and course book publications will not be available through UTP OA Books.

Books included in UTP OA Books require payment of a book-processing fee. Each book is considered individually, with fees assessed based on the number of words, the number of illustrations, and the complexity of the work. Authors continue to be responsible for creating the index and clearing permissions for any relevant materials and must ensure that third-party permissions allow for open-access use. Interested authors should discuss the appropriateness of their book for the UTP OA Books program with their Acquisitions Editor.

Our Gold Open Access model is also available for book chapters in research-focused publications. UTP OA Chapters is an extension to this program available for select volumes. Interested authors and contributors should discuss this model with their Acquisitions Editor.

The following books are currently available as open-access products and accessible through the Knowledge Unlatched initiative and available through the OAPEN library.

Cognitive Disability Aesthetics: Visual Culture, Disability Representations, and the (In)Visibility of Cognitive Difference
By Benjamin Fraser

Writing Beloveds: Humanist Petrarchism and the Politics of Gender
By Aileen A. Feng  

England in Europe: English Royal Women and Literary Patronage, c.1000–c.1150
By Elizabeth M. Tyler

Mind, Body, Motion, Matter: Eighteenth-Century British and French Literary Perspectives
Edited by Mary Helen McMurran and Alison Conway

On Civic Republicanism: Ancient Lessons for Global Politics
Edited by Geoffrey C. Kellow and Neven Leddy

The Correspondence of Wolfgang Capito: Volume 3 (1532–1536)
Translated by Erika Rummel  

Crossing Central Europe: Continuities and Transformations, 1900 and 2000
Edited by Helga Mitterbauer and Carrie Smith-Prei

The Unmaking of Home in Contemporary Art
By Claudette Lauzon

Fact and Fiction: Literary and Scientific Cultures in Germany and Britain
Edited by Christine Lehleiter

Courts in Federal Countries: Federalists or Unitarists?
Edited by Nicholas Aroney and John Kincaid

Marking Time: Romanticism and Evolution
Edited by Joel Faflak

Writing the Yugoslav Wars: Literature, Postmodernism, and the Ethics of Representation
By Dragana Obradović

The Givenness of Desire: Concrete Subjectivity and the Natural Desire to See God
By Randall S. Rosenberg

Machiavelli and the Politics of Democratic Innovation
By Christopher Holman

Curious Encounters: Voyaging, Collecting, and Making Knowledge in the Long Eighteenth Century
Edited by Adriana Craciun and Mary Terrall

Clandestine PhilosophyNew Studies on Subversive Manuscripts in Early Modern Europe, 1620–1823
Edited by Gianni Paganini, Margaret C. Jacob, and John Christian Laursen

Colonizing Russia’s Promised Land: Orthodoxy and Community on the Siberian Steppe
By Aileen E. Friesen

Scholars in Exile: The Ukrainian Intellectual World in Interwar Czechoslovakia
By Nadia Zavorotna