Exam and Desk Copies

University of Toronto Press is pleased to provide examination copies of its titles to academics who wish to consider them as required reading for relevant courses they are teaching. Desk copies are available to instructors who have adopted UTP books as required reading in an upcoming course. 

How to request an examination copy 
How to request a desk copy

If you would like to request a book published by another press but distributed by the University of Toronto Press Distribution Division, please contact the book’s publisher directly or email UTP Distribution at Please be sure to provide the book’s title and ISBN.

Contact a Sales Representative

To contact your Higher Education sales representative, email

Special Package Pricing

University of Toronto Press will gladly bundle books together at special discounted prices for students. If you are an instructor who is assigning more than one UTP book in an upcoming course, please contact for package prices and ordering information.

Book Pricing

At UTP, the goal is to balance the pedagogical needs of the instructor with the pedagogical and financial needs of students. We hope to challenge negative perceptions of the industry by serving as a viable alternative to commercial textbook publishers. One area in which we continue to focus our attention in this venture is book pricing.

We strongly believe in providing the best possible value by pricing our books competitively. Our books are attractive, durable, and pedagogically sound, and are not typically accompanied by a lot of expensive bells and whistles. Our commitment to cost-effectiveness is why we publish all course books in paperback and in most cases refrain from full-colour illustrations. We also believe that a book’s price should be readily available to students and instructors, and we make a point of providing transparent price information in our catalogues and online.

We encourage instructors to make informed decisions about the books they choose to adopt for their courses, to educate their students about why they choose a particular book and its value to the overall course content, and to work with publishers to help create (and create demand for) pedagogically sound and cost-effective textbooks.

Academic Subject Catalogues

The following discipline-specific catalogues provide information on books for undergraduate courses. Download them here, or email us at to request printed copies.

  • Anthropology Course Books 2019-20
  • Canadian History Course Books 2019-20
  • Canadian Politics Course Books 2019-20
  • History Course Books 2019-20
  • Indigenous Studies Course Books 2019-20
  • Politics Course Books 2019-20
  • Sociology Course Books 2019-20

Ancillary Websites and Instructor Materials

The following websites provide extra resources for students and instructors, and are closely aligned with textbooks published by University of Toronto Press. 

History Matters

This large ancillary website is an online collection of resources for students, instructors, and history enthusiasts. It includes study questions, maps, genealogies, images, bibliographies, glossaries, and additional essays to support some of our bestselling textbooks, such as A Short History of the Middle Ages and The Shaping of Western Civilization. Visit

Teaching Culture

This blog is designed to build a community of anthropologists interested in pedagogy and to provide them with a reputable source of information and a way to share news on teaching anthropology, publishing in the field, new innovations, and new books. It contains an extensive section on Teaching Theory. Visit

Through the Lens of Anthropology 

This ancillary website contains a wealth of resources for students and instructors, including hundreds of study questions, downloadable images and maps, learning objectives, chapter outlines, review and discussion questions, a glossary, further reading, and useful web links. Instructors may also access a complete instructor’s manual, PowerPoint slides, and a test bank. All materials support Through the Lens of Anthropology, our popular four-field introductory textbook by Robert J. Muckle and Laura Tubelle de González. Visit

Introducing Archaeology, Second Edition

This ancillary website provides students and instructors with a wide range of chapter-by-chapter resources in support of Robert J. Muckle’s popular introductory archaeology textbook. Chapter summaries, learning objectives, study questions, a glossary, and web links are all included, and instructors may access a complete instructor’s manual. Visit

Thinking Government, Fourth Edition

This website, designed to help support students and instructors as they work their way through the chapters of Thinking Government, Fourth Edition by David Johnson, provides case studies and white papers, study questions and quizzes, downloadable figures and tables, key terms, and web links. Visit

Politics, Fourth Edition

The ancillary website for Politics: An Introduction to the Modern Democratic State, Fourth Edition by Larry Johnston provides students and instructors with helpful chapter-by-chapter resources. It includes chapter summaries, self-study questions as well as a testbank, lists of key terms, downloads, and more. Visit

Understanding American Politics, Second Edition

The ancillary website for Understanding American Politics, Second Edition by Stephen Brooks provides students and instructors with helpful chapter-by-chapter resources. It includes learning objectives, web links, and quarterly reports by the author. Visit

The Democratic Imagination

The website for The Democratic Imagination pulls together an interesting collection of supplementary materials, including examples of how to exercise your own democratic imagination, teaching activities, useful references to news stories on democracy, and further readings by the book’s authors, Alan Sears and James Cairns. Visit

The Joy of Stats, Second Edition

The ancillary website for The Joy of Stats, Second Edition by Roberta Garner offers a large array of materials for students and instructors, all designed for easy downloading. They include exercises and handouts, data sets, and PowerPoint slides for instructors. Visit