Open Access with UTP Journals

Open access offers a wide range benefits to authors, readers, and libraries—most notably by providing readers anywhere, anytime, unrestricted, online access to peer-reviewed research.

University of Toronto Press Journals has long been a supporter of responsible and fair open access. In response to the Tri-Agency Open Access Policy on Publications, our journals offer authors Green and Gold Open Access options as well as hybrid models which allow individual authors to choose Gold OA when publishing in a subscription journal. UTP supports equitable OA practices and policies that benefit all stakeholders in the scholarly publishing community.

UTP currently publishes four open access journals and several hybrid journals that offer both subscription and open access options. Each journal published by UTP has its own OA policy which can be found on the journal’s webpage. Authors should review the journals in which they are interested for details of the journal’s support for Open Access. For a full list of UTP journals, please see

Green Open Access

Authors whose research has been funded by the Tri-Agency may deposit a copy of the accepted manuscript (i.e., pre-copyediting, pre-typesetting, pre-tagging, but post-peer review) in their institutional repository and include the DOI number in this version twelve (12) months after publication of the version of record (i.e., the version available on the journal’s online platform after copyediting, tagging, typesetting, etc.). Please email us at to let us know when the deposit is made so that we can update our records.

Gold Open Access

At publication, the final version of record will become freely available on our online platform, There is an Article Processing Charge (APC). The APC is an open access fee paid by the author or on behalf of the author by the author’s institution or a funding body. Charges vary by journal. For the exact charge, please see the journal’s OA policy or email us at for more information.

UTP Journals publishes four OA journals, including two without Gold APCs.

Canadian Liver Journal

The Canadian Liver Journal is the official journal of the Canadian Association for the Study of the Liver. CanLivJ publishes peer-reviewed, open access articles quarterly. The goal of the Canadian Liver Journal is to promote research, education and clinical care in liver disease within the Canadian and International Communities. Please visit the CanLivJ website for details on submission and page charges.

Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health

The Journal of Military, Veteran and Family Health (JMVFH) is the official, peer-reviewed, scholarly journal of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health Research (CIMVHR). JMVFH aims to maximize the mental, physical, and social health and well-being of military personnel, Veterans, and their families by publishing world class research to a broad international and multidisciplinary readership of researchers, health practitioners, administrators, and policy makers. Thanks to funding provided by the journal’s sponsors, including Health Canada and other philanthropic sources, JMVFH has been able to offer a no-pay policy to authors for regularly submitted articles. This policy currently remains in effect but is subject to review annually based on the funded position of the journal. Read JMVHF at

JAMMI: The Official Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada

The Official Journal of the Association of Medical Microbiology and Infectious Disease Canada (JAMMI) publishes scholarly articles pertaining to infectious diseases, in particular those affecting humans. It serves as a Canadian perspective covering the depth and breadth of clinical microbiology and laboratory diagnosis, clinical care and management, epidemiology, and societal issues relating to human infectious diseases by publishing high-quality articles to a broad international and multidisciplinary readership of researchers, clinicians, educators, and policy makers with an interest in the field. JAMMI publishes original peer-reviewed research articles and other types of articles including but not limited to reviews of and commentary on cutting edge topics in infectious diseases, clinical guidelines for the diagnosis and management of human infectious diseases, including optimal use of antimicrobial therapies, AMMI Canada position statements and unique illustrative case reports, and clinical vignettes related to the health and care of populations of interest. Please visit the JAMMI website for details on submission and page charges.

National Gallery of Canada Review

National Gallery of Canada Review is the official scholarly journal of the National Gallery of Canada (NGC). Its purpose is to publish original research on works in the Gallery’s collections and the areas of investigation they represent. Articles are contributed by members of the Gallery staff. Contributions from art historians and specialists not affiliated with the NGC are also considered.

The NGCR is a bilingual online journal. Articles can be submitted in English or French and will be published in both languages. NGCR does not charge APCs.

What is the Version of Record and why is it important?

The Version of Record (VoR) is the original, official, published version of an article that is available on the UTP Journals online platform ( The VoR is the most visible and easily discoverable version of a published article as it sits on the widely promoted UTP Journals platform alongside the published works of many important scholars and researchers. Not only is linking to the article’s VoR the most effective means of dissemination of an article, it is important because:

Excellent company
The VoR appears on the highly interactive and user friendly UTP platform, where other important scholars and researchers publish their work.
Recognition of quality
The connection between an article and the journal in which it appears is strong in the VoR – a clear indication of the article’s quality and peer-reviewed status.
Most complete version
The VoR of an article is the most accurate and up-to-date version and gives readers direct access to any supplemental materials such as video, appendices and data sets.
Centralized usage statistics
Promoting the VoR allows for a complete view of usage as readership will be centralized in one spot. Usage statistics are easily available by contacting UTP.
Maximum exposure
UTP actively promotes the articles on its online platform to a wide network of potential readers.
Citations, citations, citations
Citations to articles on the UTP online platform appear right on the article page in the “Cited by” tab which is powered by Crossref. For an example, see
Using the VoR provides consistency in promotion as the article’s DOI is a persistent link that will always direct to the VoR.
Long-term archiving
The journal and UTP will support the migration of the VoR of an article to new formats far in the future.