National Gallery of Canada Review

Edited by Paul Lang

Published Annually | E-ISSN 2369-8985 | ISSN 2369-8985 Paru en Annually | E-ISSN 2369-8985 | ISSN 2369-8985 Version Française English Version

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The launch of the National Gallery of Canada Review online marks a new era in our institution’s scholarly activities. After the Bulletin and the Annual Bulletin from 1963 to 1985 and the National Gallery of Canada Review from 2000 to 2008, we are starting the next chapter in our long tradition of scholarly publications.

In fact, this publication has proved to be an indispensable tool for disseminating the results of research conducted in and around the NGC. Both the evolution toward digital and the partnership with the University of Toronto Press (UTP) seem to us to be the best editorial response to the high expectations of our readership.

We are extremely grateful to Marc Mayer, Director of the National Gallery of Canada, who supported the initiative of reviving our institution’s Review without hesitation. We must also acknowledge the unfailing commitment of the UTP. But a periodical would be nothing without its skilled authors, and so here we would like to pay tribute to them. This new edition reflects the diversity that represents both the wealth and the identity of our institution: its collections.

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Revue du Musée des beaux-arts du Canada

Sous la direction de Paul Lang

Published Annually | E-ISSN 2369-8985 | ISSN 2369-8985 Paru en Annually | E-ISSN 2369-8985 | ISSN 2369-8985 Version Française English Version

This Journal is online at:

NGC Review Online

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Cette revue parait en ligne au:

NGC Review en ligne 

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Le lancement numérique de la Revue du Musée des beaux-arts du Canada marque une étape dans les activités scientifiques de notre institution. Après le Bulletin, le Bulletin annuel de 1963 à 1985 et la Revue du Musée des beaux-arts du Canada de 2000 à 2008, ce nouveau chapitre s’inscrit dans une longue tradition de publications savantes.

Cet ouvrage s’avère, en effet, être un outil indispensable pour la diffusion des résultats de la recherche effectuée au sein et autour du MBAC. Tant l’évolution vers le numérique qu’un partenariat avec les Presses universitaires de Toronto (UTP) nous semblent être la meilleure solution éditoriale pour répondre aux attentes élevées de notre lectorat.

Notre plus vive reconnaissance va à Marc Mayer, directeur du Musée des beaux-arts du Canada, qui a d’emblée soutenu l’initiative de faire revivre la Revue de notre institution. Il convient aussi de saluer l’engagement sans faille des UTP. Mais un périodique ne serait rien sans la compétence de ses auteurs. C’est donc au personnel scientifique de notre institution que nous tenons ici à rendre hommage. Cette nouvelle édition reflète dans sa diversité ce qui fait la richesse de l’identité de notre institution : ses collections.

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  • Editorial board

    Paul Lang, Chief Curator, NGC

    Managing Editor
    Ivan Parisien, Chief, Publications and Copyright, NGC

    Katerina Atanassova
    Senior Curator, Canadian Art

    Cyndie Campbell
    Chief, Library, Archives and Research Fellowship Program

    Christopher Davidson
    Curatorial Assistant, Canadian Art

    Sonia Del Re
    Associate Curator, European, American and Asian Prints and Drawings

    Rachelle Dickenson
    Curatorial Assistant, Indigenous Art

    Erika Dolphin
    Associate Curator to the Chief Curator

    Josée Drouin-Brisebois
    Senior Curator, Contemporary Art

    Christopher Etheridge
    Associate Curator, European and American Art

    Stephen Gritt, Director
    Conservation and Technical Research

    Greg A. Hill
    Audain Senior Curator, Indigenous Art

    Anabelle Kienle-Poňka
    Associate Curator, European and American Art

    Andrea Kunard
    Associate Curator, Photographs

    Christine Lalonde
    Associate Curator, Indigenous Art

    John McElhone
    Chief, Restoration and Conservation

    Jonathan Newman
    Curatorial Assistant, Photographs

    Lori Pauli
    Associate Curator, Photographs

    Jonathan Shaughnessy
    Associate Curator, Contemporary Art

    Ann Thomas
    Senior Curator, Photographs

    Peter Trepanier
    Head, Reader Services

    René Villeneuve
    Associate Curator, Canadian Art

    Rhiannon Vogl
    Associate Curator, Contemporary Art

    Adam Welch
    Associate Curator, Modern Canadian Art

  • Author resources

    National Gallery of Canada Review is the official scholarly journal of the National Gallery of Canada (NGC). Its purpose is to publish original research on works in the Gallery’s collections and the areas of investigation they represent. Articles are contributed by members of the Gallery staff. Contributions from art historians and specialists not affiliated with the NGC will be considered.

    The NGC Review is a bilingual online journal. Articles can be submitted in English or French and will be published in both languages.

    Instructions for Authors
    The NGC Review publishes articles of up to 8,000 words and 12 illustrations; and shorter notices highlighting new acquisitions or discoveries in the Gallery’s collections, of up to 2,000 words and 5 illustrations. Articles exceeding the word counts and number of illustrations could be considered, at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. All word counts include endnotes.

    A complete submission consists of the following: the article, an abstract (no more than 200 words), a detailed list of illustrations, a caption for each illustration, low-resolution images for each illustration. High-resolution images and permission to reproduce the images will be obtained by the NGC Review. Also required at the time of submission is a list of 5 to 7 keywords.

    The NGC Review is published online annually in April. To be considered for next year’s issue, articles must be submitted, with a detailed list of illustrations, by 1st of November.

    Communicating with UTP
    When publishing an article in one of UTP’s journals, you may receive any or all of the following types of email communications from our staff:

    • Orientation message and author agreement from the Editorial Coordinator which may include a request for abstract, keywords, and/or author bio.
    • Copyedited manuscript (MS Word file) and queries from the Copy Editor or Editorial Coordinator.
    • Typeset page proofs from the Production Editor.
    • Contributor message from the Circulation Department which may include a brief author survey, information on how to get free contributor access to online content, and advice on how to promote your article.
    Who should I talk to about…
    • For questions about the content, mandate, or submission requirements of a specific journal, please refer to the individual journal’s home page.
    • If you have questions about your author agreement, write to subscribe to a UTP journal, to renew your subscription, or to switch from print to online, visit the website to find the journal’s subscription page. For help with your subscription, write to
    • To request permission to reprint an article from a UTP journal, contact
    • Please contact us if you’ve published an article in a UTP journal and are curious about readership and usage statistics. It is best to wait until one year after publication to allow for more accurate statistics to be collected.

    Help with writing in English

    Although the NGC Review accepts articles in both official languages and provides translations, UTP offers tools and support for authors who wish to focus on the bigger picture of language use and style. You can find an editor to suit the needs of your submission via the online directories of the Editors’ Association of Canada or the Editorial Freelancers Association; alternatively, an author-focused editorial service such as Editage* or Cambridge Proofreading LTD* can connect you with an editor with appropriate expertise.

    *The University of Toronto Press does not guarantee that authors who use services such as these will have their articles accepted by the journal. It is at the author’s discretion to use external editorial services.

    Where can I find my article online?

    On the NGC Review website! However, you should receive a message explaining how to get access to your article (and other journal content) soon after the issue is published. If your library doesn’t subscribe, consider sending a note to your librarian!

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  • Permission information

    NGCR Review will obtain permissions and copyright information as well as high-resolution versions of each image.

    Please contact Ivan Parisien with any questions at