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  • International Rights Agents
  • Permission Inquiries for Books
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  • Permission Inquiries for Journals
  • Alternate Format Requests

Subsidiary Rights

University of Toronto Press controls translation and documentary/film rights on more than 3,500 titles. Our books have been translated into more than 20 languages and sold around the world. Please look through our latest catalogues, or browse the full list of new and backlist titles available on this website.

You can also subscribe to a subject- or rights-specific mailing list to receive information about new and forthcoming titles. Simply set up an account and then manage your subscriptions online. 

Please note that University of Toronto Press does not license directly to translators; we require a formal agreement with an established publisher. We attend the Frankfurt Book Fair each year and are pleased to meet with editors and publishers. Please contact us for an appointment.

If you would like to inquire about any of our titles, contact:

Kiley Venables 
University of Toronto Press
800 Bay Street, Mezzanine
Toronto ON M5S 3A9 Canada
Tel: 416-978-2239 ex. 4236
Fax: 416-978-4738

International Rights Agents

The following agents are the exclusive representatives of University of Toronto Press books in the regions listed:

Reiser Literary Agency
Robert Gilodi
Viale XXV Aprile 65
10133 Torino, Italy
Tel: +39 011 521 5357
Email: roberto.gilodi@reiseragency.it

Spain and Portugal
International Editors’ Co. Literary Agency
Valentina Stefanini
Còrsega 288, 1r 2a – 08008 Barcelona - Spain
Tel: +34 93 215 88 12
Email: valentina.stefanini@internationaleditors.com

AnatoliaLit Agency
Eda Çaça
Caferaga Mahallesi
Gunesli Bahce Sok.
No: 48 Or. Ko Apt., B Blok D:4
34710 Kadikoy- Istanbul, Turkey
Tel: +90 216 700 1088
Email: eda@anatolialit.com 

Permission Inquiries for Books 

Classroom / Coursepack Use 

University of Toronto Press has licensed the granting of permission for most of its photocopying requests to Access Copyright (the Canadian Copyright Licensing Agency), and through it, the Copyright Clearance Center in the USA.

For coursepack use (print or electronic), you may send your request directly to Access Copyright or the Copyright Clearance Center.

Access Copyright (Canada)
Tel: 416-868-1620
Toll-Free: 1-800-893-5777
Fax: 416-868-1621

Copyright Clearance Center (USA)
Tel: 978-750-8400
Fax: 978-750-8600

Otherwise, to request to reprint material published by UTP in a coursepack, please supply the following details via email to Vanessa Pickett:

  • Name of course
  • Name of instructor
  • Name of institution where course is to be offered
  • Semester for which the request is being made
  • Number of students expected to enroll
  • If it is to be posted online, access restrictions (password-protected, etc.)
  • A physical mailing address for yourself

Reprint Rights 

For inquiries about publishing material from the current UTP catalogue for both Higher Education and Scholarly Publishing, from our out-of-print list, or from OISE Press publications, please send a detailed request by email to:

Vanessa Pickett
Tel: 416-978-2239 ex. 2252
Fax: 416-978-4738

Please include the following in your request:

  • Title of the book
  • Author(s) or editor(s)
  • Year of publication
  • ISBN
  • Pages requested
  • Title of chapter (if the book is a collection)
  • Name of contributor (if the book is a collection)

And the details on your proposed publication:

  • Title of your work
  • Anticipated publication date
  • Expected number of pages
  • Expected list price
  • Initial print run
  • Publisher
  • Format of your publication (print, ebook, online)
  • A physical mailing address for yourself

Please make sure the material you are requesting is (or was) published by University of Toronto Press; the press cannot grant permission for material published by a department or faculty of the university, or for material in books by other publishers that are distributed by UTP. Also, note that we cannot grant permission for material for which UTP does not hold copyright; please check the credit lines for images and figures to confirm the rightsholder.

Although we endeavour to respond to every query in a timely manner, it is the responsibility of the requester to submit their request well in advance of the publication of their work. University of Toronto Press does not process rush requests. Requesters should expect a response within 3–5 weeks.

Pre-Publication Excerpts

If you are interested in pre-publication excerpts, please contact:

Chris Reed
University of Toronto Press
800 Bay Street, Mezzanine
Toronto ON M5S 3A9 Canada
Tel: 416-978-2239 ex. 2248
Fax: 416-978-4738

Permission Inquiries for Journals

Journals procedures vary and Access Copyright/CCC may not apply. For permission inquiries about journals published by University of Toronto Press, please contact:

Journal Permissions
Journals Division
University of Toronto Press
5201 Dufferin Street
Toronto ON Canada M3H 5T8
Tel: 416-667-7777 ex. 7849
Fax: 416-667-7881

Alternate Format Requests

University of Toronto Press is pleased to partner with Bookshare to provide accessible formats of many books. If you or your institution is a member of Bookshare there is no charge to use a title from the Bookshare library

University of Toronto Press is happy to provide PDFs of our books for students or other readers with print disabilities. Such requests must be made by an institution such as CNIB or an Accessibility Centre at a recognized college or university.

If you would like to submit a request to University of Toronto Press for a text in an alternate format, please send your request by email to Vanessa Pickett.

Please include in your request the name of your institution, the name and dates of the course for which the text is required (if applicable), the title and author of the book requested, and confirmation of proof of purchase.

Please note that we can provide PDFs only for books published by University of Toronto Press; for alternate formats of books published by presses distributed by UTP, please contact the publisher directly.