Environmental Policy

Conserving natural resources and minimizing our impact on the environment is becoming ever more important in an increasingly industrialized world. University of Toronto Press is committed to using energy responsibly, reducing waste, and implementing green policies that look to the future of academic publishing. UTP recognizes that investing in tomorrow means protecting today’s environment and working creatively for both institutional and individual change.

Electronic resources are important assets for our editorial team, at both the acquiring and the copyediting stages. During our peer-review process, reviewers are encouraged to read an electronic copy of the manuscript and to submit an electronic report. Furthermore, our copyediting takes place on-screen, and our managing editors primarily use PDFs, email, and other electronic resources.

We carefully examine the print runs of each of our books, ensuring that our initial print run corresponds to our immediate sales forecasts, and then reprinting as necessary to meet the actual needs of our customers. All of our manufacturing partners offer eco-friendly materials.

Our electronic exam copy program allows instructors access to potential course material instantaneously, eliminating the carbon footprint and the wait times associated with physical mailing, as well as reducing the raw materials used and the waste produced through the manufacturing and shipping processes. Upon adoption of one of our books for course use, a desk copy can be sent to the instructor in either print or digital format – their choice!

Our digital seasonal catalogue (produced twice yearly) keeps our customers informed about upcoming titles from UTP. These catalogues are available for download from our website and are also available on Edelweiss, Bookmanager, and Catalist.

UTP cultivates an open atmosphere for green initiatives and actively encourages employees to come forward with ideas about how to further reduce, reuse, and recycle in our day-to-day operations.

Even small things can make a difference: employees are encouraged to reduce all non-essential printing, print all documents double-sided, turn off their computers at night, and be conscious of switching off lights when leaving a room. UTP provides coffee, tea, and filtered tap water for its employees, and has provided employees with reusable, stainless steel water bottles, reducing the use of take-out cups and disposable bottles. All paper products are recycled or reused, and we have streamlined our operation to rely primarily upon electronic processes.