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  • The Enduring Allure of the Mafia

    With the new edition hot off the presses, Mafia Movies editor Dana Renga talks visual texts, representations of the mafia in the US compared to Italy, and how these evolve as the organizations grow stronger.

  • Canada at the Polls 2019: A New Mandate?

    Authors of the forthcoming Absent Mandate discuss the upcoming Canadian federal election: what we can expect to see? Has anything really changed since elections back in 1965? And are Canadian electoral politics now following a new, or even unfamiliar, path?

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Featured Author: Ruth Panofsky

Featured Author: Ruth Panofsky

Ruth Panofsky is a professor in the Department of English at Ryerson University.


“My forthcoming book, Toronto Trailblazers: Women in Canadian Publishing, has found a perfect home with University of Toronto Press. My editor, Mark Thompson, was encouraging and supportive throughout the peer review process, external and internal, and helped bring my research to light. That research, as well as my firsthand experience as a UTP author, confirms that the press always has been committed to disseminating top-notch scholarship and to helping scholars produce their best work.”