University of Toronto Press Unveils Its Spring-Summer 2023 Catalogue

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January 19, 2022

University of Toronto Press (UTP) has unveiled its Spring-Summer 2023 catalogue, a captivating blend of books from distinguished thought leaders and emerging voices. A link can be found here.

As the global pandemic shifts into a lower gear, many observers are taking a hard look at the social and political tensions that were thrown into sharp relief. UTP’s slate of new books adds to this conversation by offering a fresh perspective on core ideas, cultural trends, and timely issues.

These five notable titles offer a glimpse of what UTP has in store this fall: 

Chasing We-ness: Cultivating Empathy and Leadership in a Polarized World

By William Marsiglio

As the world gets increasingly polarized, William Marsiglio contends that our basic human need for belonging is stronger than ever. Developments like the rise of remote working and new leadership styles have come to shape how we build a sense of “we-ness” into our lives, in both positive and destructive ways. Marsiglio offers a roadmap for anyone who wants to cultivate a stronger sense of collective belonging and a more mindful global citizen.

(March | ISBN: 9781487544775 | $32.95)                                                                    Catalogue 2-3

Intentional Leadership: The Big 8 Capabilities Setting Leaders Apart

By Rose M. Patten

Drawing on both her expertise as one of Canada’s most influential corporate leaders and a framework tested with over 900 senior figures across industries, Rose M. Patten sets forth eight enduring and fundamental principles of effective leadership. Whether it be in the non-profit sector or the corporate arena, each of these practices can help leaders navigate and thrive within today’s climate of unprecedented speed, connection, and uncertainty.

(January | ISBN: 9781487508876 | $32.95)                                                                     Catalogue 6-7

What’s in Your Genome? 90% of Your Genome Is Junk

By Laurence A. Moran

Do functional elements really only occupy 10% of the more than three billion base pairs in the human genome? The answer rests, in large part, on which scientist you ask. What’s in Your Genome? examines both sides of a scientific argument that has been simmering since the 1960s. In a clear, straightforward style, Laurence A. Moran debunks several false narratives that have arisen in recent years in the debate surrounding junk DNA.

(May | ISBN: 9781487508593 | $39.95)                                                                       Catalogue 8-9   

The Legal Singularity: How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Life Better

By Abdi Aidid and Benjamin Alarie

Building on the widely discussed concept of the “technological singularity,” Abdi Aidid and Benjamin Alarie explore the prospect of harnessing artificial intelligence-enabled technology – specifically legal prediction – to reform the inconsistencies and inequities of our current legal system. They imagine a future state where the law is extraordinarily more complex and yet operates in a vastly more accessible, transparent, and fairer way for everyone involved.

(July | ISBN: 9781487529413| $44.95)                                                                                     Catalogue 14

Without the State: Self-Organization and Political Activism in Ukraine

By Emily Channell-Justice

Over the past decade, Ukrainians from all walks of life have embraced the principle of “self-organization.” The idea that, if something needs to be done, any competent person can do it, inspired nationwide networks of mutual aid. It’s also shaped how the country is resisting Russia’s ongoing occupation. Emily Channell-Justice’s clear-eyed account of the Ukrainian people’s recent past will resonate with anyone interested in their future as a sovereign nation.

(Available | ISBN: ISBN: 9781487509743 | $34.95)                                                      Catalogue 57   

Please email me a list of any titles that you would like to request for review. Kindly note the publication dates listed in the catalogue and let me know if you are working with a deadline.

Thank you, in advance, for your interest in our new titles.

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