For Immediate Release

May 28, 2021

“Interest in our Rotman-UTP business books is soaring,” says Jane Kelly, Director of Sales and Marketing at University of Toronto Press. “Recent titles in the series present actionable insights that transcend the workplace, which helps explain why they’ve connected with such a wide audience. It also points to why we’re unveiling the new instalments in the Rotman-UTP series at Edelweiss Bookfest.”

The pandemic disrupted the longstanding annual calendar of in-person events that serve the book publishing industry. Edelweiss+ by Above the Treeline is responding to this gap by launching Edelweiss Bookfest, an online festival designed to act as a gathering place for the industry. Building on the company’s popular platform for book sales and marketing, the event, held between June 8–9, will have virtual booths for live meetings, author events, and downloadable resources.

Kelly looks forward to getting feedback from booksellers about the following additions to the Rotman-UTP lineup. “These new books address issues at the heart of post-pandemic society,” adds Kelly, “notably personal finance, communications, and organizational change.”

Dangerous Opportunities, edited by Stephanie Ben-Ishai, sheds light on the 2017 Home Capital mortgage crisis, a shining example of systemic risk in Canada’s financial sector. The volume gathers work by five accomplished legal experts, who expose the various shortcomings of a system weakened by regulatory frameworks that fail to coordinate with each other. This reading of the Home Capital crisis provides an invaluable, timely reminder to not repeat our mistakes in the post-pandemic economy. (August 2021)

Decoding CEO-Speak by Russell Craig and Joel Amernic is already receiving interest from booksellers of all stripes. People around the world are increasingly attentive to where corporate leaders like Elon Musk stand on current issues and community debate. How do they craft their statements to ensure they resonate with such a wide audience? Craig and Amernic conduct close readings of the spoken and written language of CEOs and reveal its manipulative, inspiring, and disturbing characteristics. (September 2021)

Many companies are starting to address the challenge of reorganizing in anticipation of their staff returning to the office space. In Balancing Acts, James Conklin sets forth a practical, human-systems approach to organizational change. Conklin’s central argument is that while leading or supporting this process, consultants and leaders must balance four critical concerns: confrontation and compassion, participation and observation, assertion and inquiry, and planfulness and emergence. (October 2021)

“I look forward to sharing these books with our colleagues at Edelweiss Bookfest,” says Kelly. “After such a challenging year for everyone in the book business, it’ll also be wonderful to hear how they plan to re-open and rejuvenate their brick and mortar stores and libraries.”


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Chris Reed, Publicist, University of Toronto Press
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