University Press Week: Who’s Next UP in Bookstores?

We have reached the final day of University Press Week! Thank you so much for following along with our blog tour and we hope that you will enjoy reading this final post. University presses have very important relationships with the bookstores that sell their books. Leah MacDonald works at Another Story, an Indie bookshop in Toronto committed to equality and diversity. Read Leah’s post about working with UTP.

It’s always fun to open up a box from University of Toronto Press and see what new  and exciting books are inside!  University presses play a crucial role in disseminating academic research, allowing new findings to be accessible to the public rather than hidden behind paywalls. University of Toronto Press is often highlighting social movements, queer theory, critical race theory & research rooted in social justice that we don’t often see from the Big 5 publishers. University presses bring a fresh perspective to some of the most pressing issues of our time.

One recent title from UTP that comes to mind when I think about the importance of university presses is Displacement City edited by Greg Cook and Cathy Crowe– a collection of prose, poetry and photography that highlights the lived experiences of unhoused folks throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Unlike anything we’ve carried before, this book highlights those most impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and the housing crisis in Toronto. It makes the case for care, community, harm reduction, mutual aid, overdose prevention and a national housing program. It’s an incredible anthology and an important addition to Canadian works on harm reduction and public health. UTP’s commitment to publishing and distributing academic books rooted in lived experience and principles of social justice is so important in the Canadian literary space. 

Some recent titles distributed by the University of Toronto Press that we love:

Abolitionist Intimacies: An examination of the movement to abolish policing & prisons throughout Black feminist principles of care & collectivity

The Book of Non-Binary Joy: A joyful guide to exploring gender & thriving as your authentic non-binary self.

Beautiful You, Beautiful Me: A beautiful picture book from the perspective of an Afro-Indigenous girl navigating identity & belonging.

Abortion to Abolition: A history of abortion decriminalization and advocacy in Canada, with an intersectional focus on LGTBQ+ issues, sex work, racism and colonialism, and prison justice.


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